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Malware attacks on mobile devices have doubled: learn how you can protect yourself

There are an increasing number of malware attacks on mobile devices, constituting a concern for companies where smartphones and laptops are fundamental tools. Discover solutions that can protect you.
Published on 2019-07-25

Attacks with malicious software on mobile devices have increased in recent years. In 2018, this type of occurrence with malware has doubled, according to data gathered by companies specializing in IT security.

The increase in threats to mobile devices is a consequence of the increasing use of portable computers and smartphones in workplaces, as auxiliary means of supporting daily tasks. Employees of all types of companies use resources such as email and cloud storage, as well as other kinds of applications for organizations’ businesses, through mobile devices for conducting their professional tasks. They can do so within or outside a company’s facilities, namely resorting to public networks, or without basic precautions, such as resorting to additional protection, through a VPN.

As such, there are high risks of loss or theft of confidential data, since encryption is not always being used. The company’s critical information can be exposed to unwarranted access, which is reason for concern.

The main threats

Computer hackers increasingly resort to attacks with a considerable degree of sophistication, creating malware that can be hidden in easily installed applications, even in those that are downloaded from official stores. Sometimes the worst of threats can be hidden in the most innocuous looking app that once installed, opens the door to the theft of data and credentials, or enabling access for attacks.

The increase in trojans, namely banking trojans, as well as ransomware, are among the most frequently detected threats. The infection of mobile devices through DNS hijacking and a greater frequency of increasingly sophisticated distribution schemes, such as SMS spam, are also worrying trends. The advent of dishonest mobile apps that replicate applications from reliable sources, is also on the rise, constituting a major risk for companies.

How can you protect yourself from mobile malware

The perfecting and dissemination of malicious software demands the installation of an anti-malware security system – not investing in an effective solution for mobile devices is like having no locks on the door to your office or home.

Eurotux provides solutions within this scope, guaranteeing its clients a broad security with custom solutions for each scenario. The Sophos Mobile and Cososys’ Mobile Device Management, are products that the company works with, enabling the management of mobile devices, namely in terms of supply, applications, the rules and policies for usage and security, locating the equipment in the event of misplacement or theft, as well as remote reset, if needed, among other features.

Sophos Mobile also assures the protection of mobile devices, allowing you to activate preventing mechanisms regarding viewed websites, captured QR codes, and executed applications. It is a very effective and wide-ranging solution, referenced by specialists as the best on the market in terms of security for mobile devices in professional environments.

Despite all of the alerts and the attacks that have been reported, totalling thousands in damages, many companies are still reluctant in investing in IT security, especially small and medium scale companies. There is also the misconception that implementing security solutions on smartphones is an unnecessary cost. Even on the smallest company the salesmen or consultant can access confidential and critical information, while they are out of the office, on their mobile devices. Executing these tasks safely is fundamental, for not putting the company’s future at risk. The installation of security solutions incurs in greater benefits than costs, in the medium and long term, allowing professionals to conduct their work with less effort and fewer worries, minimizing risks to companies.

If you’re looking for the best mobile security solutions for your business, get in touch with us. We can help you safekeep your companies future.

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