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Mecânica Exacta modernizes its IT infrastructure with IBM POWER8 technology

Eurotux was the chosen IBM partner for implementing a project to upgrade to the latest in IBM processing technology, the POWER8.
Published on 2015-09-30

For several years, Mecânica Exacta (Exact Mechanics), has run its business applications on IBM Power servers. These servers are built to deal with large amounts of data, highly scalable and provide a high-standard of performance. They are incomparably reliable, enabling you to manage information technology (IT) infrastructure with lower operational costs.

Mecânica Exacta, continues to rely on these systems to support their core business, having upgraded to a server based on the latest POWER processing technology: the POWER8. With this, it has seen the processing speed of its Power processing system, grow tenfold. The considerable improvement in resulting performance for this upgrade, enables them to support the needs of their planned growth the following years will demand from their IT infrastructure.

Despite the great technological evolution that has took place, the extensive retro-compatibility of IBM Power systems, enables the company to carry on working as before, although must faster, and with no need to make any changes in its programs or environments that supported the existing ERP.

Several studies show that the total cost of ownership of an IBM Power system is lower than other types of systems, making IBM Power the right choice, both technologically and financially.

Mecânica Exacta shows that IBM Power system address today’s needs, sustaining future development and protecting the past investment.


About Mecânica Exacta

Mecânica Exacta, has 64 years of history and is featured as a press manufacturer. The technology it develops in the field of metal forming and parts handling, enables it to combine high efficiency with immense flexibility, productivity and security. The quality and reliability of its products are guaranteed by the experience of its technical team and the continuous quality control, based on the norm DIN EN ISO 9001.

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