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Document Actions ranks as the most popular Portuguese government website.

According to data released by the Marktest Group, the website for the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), or Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute, formerly known as the Meteorology Institute, whose infrastructure is administered by Eurotux, was the most frequently viewed Government website by Portuguese internet users in 2012.
Published on 2013-02-26

The portal, having recently changed its domain name to, obtained the highest number of individual users among Portuguese governmental websites, also ranking first in total number of page views, and time spent online by web-surfers for 2012.

Between January and November, the website received 2.4 million individual visitors, leaving the government’s Social Security website far behind in a distant second with 1.4 million users.

Regarding time spent online by users, was viewed for 1.7 million hours, totalling 201 million page views. Overall, total use of the IPMA website alone, accounts for 26 percent of total page views and 33 percent of total time spent online of all Portuguese government websites combined.

Between January and December 2012, Portuguese government websites were visited by a total of 3.9 million mainland resident users, viewing 774 million pages and spending 525 million hours on Public Administration portals.

The link between Eurotux and the Meteorology Institute

Although not having developed the website itself, Eurotux is responsible for managing the infrastructure necessary for its operation, particularly its servers. While a few years ago, the website was installed on dedicated physical servers, presently there is a strong shift towards virtualization. As a result, Eurotux is currently implementing the Nuxis solution, to manage virtualization for these servers.

The team at the IPMA, possesses an internal monitoring center, where as well as monitoring non-IT equipment, the Eurotux monitoring solution was also installed. Additionally, this center is monitored by Eurotux via remote access.

Eurotux permanently monitors, manages, and optimizes, so that the website’s availability and performance is never compromised, even during moments of heavy usage. The company cooperates with the IPMA in development, having implemented the intranet used by the institute and all its branches on the Portuguese mainland and islands, as well as several other projects.