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Moagem Ceres invests in IBM POWER 9 to increase availability

To increase the system’s availability and reduce production downtime, Moagem Ceres purchased an IBM POWER 9, relying on Eurotux for its implementation, installing the Rocket iCluster replication software.
Published on 2019-04-01

For more than a hundred years, Moagem Ceres is a company that’s distinguished itself for innovation, with its main activity being cereal milling. Currently, it’s part of the largest national milling group, together with Germen, Carneiro Campos, and Granel, looking to soon create a unique technological infrastructure for the Group.

For about 20 years, Moagem Ceres has been using ERP Power, the all@work Enterprise Management software, which will support the other companies’ activities, namely Germen, which has already began using it. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business process management software that allows you to use an integrated application system for automating several backoffice features, related with technology, services, and human resources.

Eurotux has already renovated Moagem Ceres’ production infrastructure about four years ago, implementing an IBM POWER 7+ system. In order to increase the system’s availability, substantially lowering production downtimes, Moagem Ceres purchaced a new IBM System based on POWER 9 technology, which will assume functions that were previously executed by the IBM POWER 7+, being used henceforth for DR (Disaster Recovery) purposes, on Germen’s facilities. The Rocket iCluster replication software will also be installed, creating an updated copy of all transactions on the DR machine, allowing you to quickly boot the systems in the event of a disaster on the production machine. The goal is that this DR infrastructure provides technological support for the companies that are to be integrated within the Group, which is why the need to have an alternative carry on with production, even following a disaster, is increasing valued.

Within the scope of this project, Eurotux is responsible for installing, configuring, and migrating the new POWER 9 system, as well as the current POWER 7+ system that will take on DR, in addition to installing and configuring the replication software.

Presently, the principles of business continuity and disaster recovery are fundamental in the daily routines of companies. Eurotux has collaborated with a diversified range of clients to guarantee that these concepts are applicable in practice, improving the management of their Information Technology infrastructures, and consequently, to the success of their businesses.

If you’d like to get help within this scope, please get in touch with Eurotux.