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Mozambican Market shows interest in IT monitoring solutions

Eurotux has seen increased interest on behalf of Mozambican organizations in monitoring and alarm systems, as a consequence of growing concern with these issues in IT infrastructure management.
Published on 2017-03-30

Eurotux continues to focus on being a supplier of excellence of information technology (IT) services in Mozambique, providing technically advanced and financially competitive solutions that add value to organizations.

On behalf of its branch in Mozambique, ITMZ – Serviços e Soluções, Eurotux has approached several organizations with the goal of demonstrating the benefits of monitoring technological infrastructures. The market is showing interest in these types of solutions, revealing the increased awareness of organizations of the importance of a proper IT management.

The company has been assigned several projects, namely from organizations in the banking and transportation sectors, to implement monitoring and alarm systems.

Monitoring systems provide several gains for IT infrastructure management. They allow you to anticipate the usage limits for specific resources, avoiding operational constraints, as well as launching alerts at the moment that problems arise in components, in order to enable a quick and effective intervention.

Mozambique is one of Eurotux’s main international focuses. The company operates directly in the country with its own specific assets, resorting remotely or on-site to resources provided by Eurotux in Portugal.

Eurotux includes companies and institutions of reference in its portfolio of Mozambican clients, such as, Sabseg Mozambique, Elevo Group, Pandora Box, and the Portuguese School of Mozambique.

To learn more about the implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring solutions, get in touch with Eurotux.