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Municipality of Maia continues investment in technologies implemented by Eurotux

The municipal government of Maia decided to update support services of several Information Technology (IT) solutions installed by Eurotux. The municipality will continue to apply IBM, Oracle, and Arkeia products.
Published on 2013-05-21

As a Eurotux client of reference since 2004, the municipality of Maia chose to renew the guarantees and maintenance services, for IBM, Oracle, and Arkeia software and equipment – technologies implemented by Eurotux – in a clear demonstration of the importance of these products for the day-to-day operations of the local government.

Reinforcing its investment in these technologies brings light to the fact that its deployment, as well as the technical support and help provided by Eurotux, is more advantageous than its’ replacement.

Concerning these IT products, the municipal government of Maia, benefits from a high performance IBM infrastructure that includes storage, servers, and backup enabling equipment. Eurotux was responsible for installing this infrastructure about three years ago, and supports Maia’s team with necessary maintenance operations.

The IT services of this infrastructure are supported by the Oracle VM technology, a virtualization solution that creates an agile, flexible and dependable environment. This system guarantees optimum efficiency and performance of IT services.

The backup component, essential for guaranteeing data security in case any system failures occur, is covered by Arkeia solutions, a company purchased this year by WD, a company in the data storage industry, and subsidiary of Western Digital, with whom Eurotux shares more than 10 years of experience as a partner and implementer.

By selecting to continue using these technologies, the municipality of Maia shows their confidence in their features, having also opted to continue to count on Eurotux for infrastructure management, given the company’s considerable experience with these solutions.

As well as this project, Eurotux provides maintenance services for the infrastructure, application (Digital Maia portal), training, and security components.

As a result of its’ presence and experience in the realm of information technologies, IBM, Oracle, and Arkeia constitute merely a sample of Eurotux’ several distinguished partners.