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New website for the magazine Visão was developed by Dipcode

The new website for the magazine Visão, was conceived within the scope of the partnership between Dipcode and the Trust in News Group (TIN). A challenging project based on the TIN digital platform, built from scratch by the Eurotux Group’s development company.
Published on 2019-12-18

The magazine Visão has a new website developed by Dipcode, the Eurotux Group’s Web Development company. It is yet another project that is part of the strategic partnership with the Trust In News Group (TIN), within the scope of implementing the editorial platform in WordPress, with the goal of hosting all of the publications of the largest Portuguese publishing group.

In addition to the Visão, the Trust In News Group is also the proprietor of publications such as the Exame, Exame Informática, the Courrier Internacional, the Jornal de Letras, the magazine Caras, Activa, and TV Mais, in a universe of over 1.7 million readers, according to data from the APCT – Portuguese Association for the Control of Edition and Circulation. The media Group focused on updating its digital strategy, relying on Dipcode as an ally in this process.

The most recent project of this partnership is the website for the magazine Visão, which despite using the technological base, previously built within the scope of the TIN digital platform, implied several unique editorial and design demands. Beyond the implementation of specific features, there was need to import several years of historical data, with a large volume of information. On the other hand, given the scale of editing – corresponding to a high number of users managing contents – additional measures were needed to guarantee the application’s performance. Dipcode managed to address all of these requirements, presenting a final product that assures total autonomy regarding editing and management, including the more sales oriented aspect, related with subscriptions.

One of the project’s main challenges was the need to create different sites within the Visão’s main website, in order to host a set of brands associated with the Visão universe, such as the Exame, Visão Se7e, and Visão Júnior. This is also one of the virtues of the platform developed by Dipcode, since it enables the creation of sub-sites, with its own characteristics, within the same website. The flexibility and adaptability are two of the countless advantages of the TIN editorial solution, constituting a forward looking investment, resulting from the capacity to adapt to new projects.

Within the scope of the partnership with the media Group, Dipcode has implemented a centralized authentication system that accesses several TIN website, developed an online shop for selling subscriptions for publications, designed the website Holofote, dedicated to the theme of celebrities and television, and signed a new website for the magazine Activa, which is one of the leading publication for Life & Style segment in Portugal.

Dipcode’s professionals have a vast experience with the publishing sector, having participated in several projects for the most important media groups in Portugal, namely Impresa, which owns the Expresso newspaper and the SIC television station, and Global Media, which owns the news radio station TSF, and the newspapers Jornal de Notícias and Diário de Notícias. The TIN Group also relies on Dipcode as a technological ally to increment a new digital strategy, focused on the future.

If you have an editorial project to implement or update, please get in touch with Dipcode to learn about the best solution for your case.