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Nuxis: enter the world of virtualization

Nuxis is an open source software created by Eurotux that provides a virtualization environment managed by an intuitive interface, and allows access to several pre-installed IT services.
Published on 2013-03-27

Obtaining this virtualization solution, ideal for small and medium enterprises, is as simple as the click of a mouse button. Just visit the website, download the software and install it on your machines.

The system presents several advantages. Equipped with a web-interface, it allows for the centralized management of physical and virtual machines, virtual networks, data storage, and installation images. Additionally, it offers monitoring and data charts and graphs, a virtual datacenter, importing/exporting to and from other systems and access control. In short, using Nuxis means accessing the most recent virtualization technology, without any cost.

However, if you’d like to take full advantage of all of this software’s potential, Eurotux provides Nuxis-based services. With multiple service levels available, Eurotux not only offers its pre-installed products (eurotux Firewall, eurotux Mail Server, eurotux VoIP Server, File Server, and Print Server), but also guarantees system maintenance and support, and access to the cloud.

If you are creating your system from scratch, Eurotux also has the solution. The UnitBox, is based on Nuxis and is directly set up for creating virtual machines, providing a quick and integrated response for all IT needs of small and medium enterprises.


Nuxis’ versatility is demonstrated by the diversity of Eurotux clients that invested in the system. The IPMA – Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (formerly known as the Meteorology Institute) uses this system to manage its infrastructure, along with the AICCOPN – the Portuguese Industrial Association of Construction and Public Works. The Armis – Information Systems and the Porto Digital project, have also applied this virtualization solution.

One particular example of Nuxis’ accessibility is Red Cats – Mail Order Sales and Services. Members of this company, representing La Redoute in Portugal, after having downloaded it from the website, liked the product, and have already contacted Eurotux to access services and training. In this scenario, by their own initiative, the client installed and was satisfied with the potential of the system, seeking the company to accompany this evolution.


Originally known as Eurotux Virtualization Manager (ETVM), Nuxis is the result of the evolution of Eurotux’ technical capabilities in virtualization technologies, over the years.

The name Nuxis, is the brand name adopted by Eurotux for the result of the first research project financed by the QREN (Framework for the application of European policies for social and economic cohesion), the ETVA (Eurotux Virtual Appliance). This project, while still in its implementation, evolved into two variants: one of appliances for SMEs, currently named UnitBox, and an enterprise version, the ETVM, now known as Nuxis.

The fact that it’s an open source solution, allows it to be independent from a proprietor. It’s the technology use internally by Eurotux, in permanent evolution and upgrade.