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Substitution of the authentication platform enables the application of Security Policies

Eurotux modernized its internal authentication infrastructure, shifting from OpenLDAP technology to FreeIPA, as a result of the typical search for more complete solutions, which in this case, allow Eurotux to strengthen a few Security Policies.
Published on 2019-11-29

Data Security is becoming increasingly fundamental in the domain of Information Technology (IT). The authentication processes are a relevant part of this process, helping to strengthen companies’ Security Policies. To this effect, Eurotux upgraded its internal authentication infrastructure, replacing the OpenLDAP technology with the FreeIPA solution.

The centralized authentication is a good security practice that can help strengthen the information control mechanisms, protecting it, namely, from unwarranted actions from the organization’s own internal elements. The LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is the protocol that defines the method of accessing data within a directory, serving as a base of communication in authentication processes, with public keys and by storing digital certificates. Eurotux has used the OpenLDAP technology within this scope, but is now focusing on FreeIPA, for presenting greater potential.

FreeIPA is an open source solution that enables permission control for Linux servers, defining levels of access that each user can reach. It constitutes an evolution regarding the OpenLDAP, benefitting from several open source technology that enable the centralized management of authentication, authorization, and account information, making it the most complete solution for a Linux environment. On the other hand, it is easy to install, manage, and configure. This identity management system is similar to Microsoft’s Active Directory, which is suited for Windows.

Both FreeIPA as well as Active Directory, include LDAP and Kerberos service, technology that enable a single login without requiring users to submit their passwords everywhere. They are two solutions that provide standardizes management of DNS and several LDAP functions that streamline its implementation and maintenance.

Maintaining a centralized identity control helps strengthen the Security Policies of any organization. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any company is obliged to shield its most precious data, defining precise hierarchies or administrative privileges within its IT infrastructures. In this scenario, solutions such as FreeIPA and Active Directory take on a relevant role within the scope of compliance with demands, fostering the best practices in terms of Security Policies.

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