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Take advantage of the best open source monitoring solutions

The implementation of monitoring and alarm systems that enable the detection of failures and accidents as well as the management of the IT infrastructure, is one of the fields in which Eurotux’s supply of services stands out.
Published on 2014-11-19

These tools are crucial for the management of IT services and infrastructures. They enable you to create availability reports, follow the evolution of service performance and set off alarms through several means that alert you to the system’s flaws.

Based on the best open source technology (Nagios, Icinga, Cacti, etc.), Eurotux provides its own monitoring tool, with the capacity to watching over infrastructures, platforms, services and applications.

These applications are able to monitor platforms (availability, CPU, memory, space, etc.) and services (HTTP, FTP, DB, etc.).

Personalized monitoring mechanisms can also be created to suit the needs of an organization with specific components for the solutions they use.


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