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The Unicre TAP FLY+ Card launched with Eurotux Group seal

TAP, in partnership with Unicre, launched the TAP FLY+ card. The Eurotux group was responsible for the web development of the platform that supports the card’s membership registration.
Published on 2016-10-31

The development and implementation of the website for the new TAP FLY+ card was entrusted to Smart Vector, a Eurotux Group company. This card was launched at the beginning of October by the Portuguese airline and resulted from a joint venture with Unicre, a company specializing in debit cards. The website provides information on benefits, offers, conditions, and fees. Likewise, it enables membership registration for the card.

The implemented solution addresses the challenge presented by Unicre, to create a platform based on the best practices and latest technology, to support the card’s membership registrations. It is based on WordPress and includes several custom developments, for both the front and back office, in order to provide the client maximum autonomy in managing the website.

This project involved a deep analysis of requirements, in order to implement the appropriate architecture. It is a solution of high technical complexity.  Among other developments, new contente types, and a membership registration form with advanced validation rules, were implemented for WordPress. Additionally, an integrated platform with a web service that enables the validation and registration of new membership requests on the client’s internal IT system.

Continuous work was also developed by DevOps, involving the analysis and implementation of the information technology infrastructure that best addressed the requirements, in order to guarantee the platform’s high availability and performance, as well as information security.

The project’s quick execution was possible thanks to agile methodologies used by the Eurotux Group in software development, and a fluid communication with the client throughout the project.

The final product respects the best practices in web development and was implemented with the goal of providing an excellent performance and high levels of interactivity and usability.


About TAP FLY+ card

The TAP FLY+ card enables payment of flights via installments, as well as offering air miles, access to the TAP Victoria program, travel insurance, and fuel tax exemption, among other benefits.