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TrueClinic relies on Eurotux's software develop-ment services to innovate its clinical services

The relationship between the companies has strengthened, resulting in a technological partnership that adds value to the clinical provider’s business, and delivers added-value to its agents, partners, and clients.
Published on 2017-04-18

TrueClinic operates in the field of clinical services, with its own network of providers and technological platform. Its mission is to contribute to improved health, by providing services of the highest quality, efficiency, innovation, and personalization.

Over the years it has relied on help of Eurotux to reach this goal, developing portals and applications that support its business model, in a safe and accessible web environment. These projects were developed resorting to state-of-the-art open source technology, providing high performance and scalability.

One of the main web app development projects implemented by Eurotux, is the technological platform upon which TrueClinic bases its management, billing, and tracking of daily clinic processes.

This platform handles a large volume of data, including records of insurance claims and medical acts. As such, special concern was given to data security and privacy.

Considering all factors, Eurotux proposes the best suited technological strategy, in order to guarantee the platform’s security, high availability, and speed, while reflecting the clinical provider’s business model.

Additionally, the system was integrated with partners’ systems, resulting in a custom-made, complete, and comprehensive web application, generating added-value for TrueClinic, and contributing to its market differentiation.

“To be chosen to create and grow such a relevant component of an organization such as TrueClinic, is an excellence sign of trust in our work”, said Andreia Félix, Project Manager at Eurotux. She highlights that “during every project phase, there is close contact and transparency in communication, guaranteeing that new features are aligned with TrueClinic’s strategic goals.”

Among other projects that Eurotux has developed for TrueClinic, are its institutional website and the Go Health portal, an innovative concept in managing professional sports health care.

To learn more about development solutions, get in touch with Eurotux.

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