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Variety of clients recommend Nuxis as viable alternative to commercial virtualization solutions

Nuxis, an open source virtualization software developed by Eurotux, boasts an increasingly diverse portfolio of clients and users. This platform is a viable, flexible and attractive option, avoiding purchasing costs, and able to respond to each businesses’ specific needs.
Published on 2013-05-23

What does the IPMA (Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute) and Red Cats (a mail-order sales and services company representing La Redoute in Portugal) have in common? At first glance, very little, but the fact is that both have chosen to use Nuxis to address their virtualization needs.

The diversity of Nuxis users doesn’t stop here. For example, the software is also used by the AICCOPN (the Portuguese Industrial Association of Construction and Public Works) and by Desifilme (a company in the textile industry). Concerning public administration, in addition to the IPMA, this platform was adopted by the Municipal Government of Vila Verde, the Digital Porto Association, and by the Municipal Government of Barcelos, currently migrating to the system. The New School of Business & Economics, the faculty of Economics and Management of the New University of Lisbon, is also served by this solution.

In the technology sector, Nuxis is chosen by Sétima, a company specializing in web development, also supporting the Eurotux’ own virtualization systems.

The platform’s success is not just limited to Portugal. Miilliions Limited, a company from the island of Malta, preparing to launch an online lottery, is also using Nuxis and supported by Eurotux’ IT infrastructure.

These are just a few examples of businesses and institutions that use Nuxis, implemented by Eurotux. Nonetheless, since the software is open source, downloading the solution is free, having already been downloaded by users all around the world.

Why Nuxis?

In the current business environment, virtualization is here to stay. This technology saves in infrastructure costs, featuring data security and flexibility according to business needs. Why is Nuxis a good solution, when pitted against other existing technologies on the market, for implementing virtualization services for businesses?

The answer is simple: Nuxis’ brings the latest features in virtualization technology at reduced costs. Since downloading the basic Nuxis software – that allows for the management of virtual and physical machines, storage, among others – is free, the initial costs are accordingly lower than with other comparable technologies.

This solution has a proven track record with several clients and great market approval. As opposed to a proprietary solution, the source code is available to the client, and not being associated with any producer, doesn’t run the risk of disappearing from one moment to the next.

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