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VIA Consulting hosts core IT systems in Eurotux’ datacenter

Since the start of 2013, VIA Consulting, S.A. has had its most important Information Technology services (IT) hosted in Eurotux’ datacenter. This Portuguese company that has focused on exporting its products and services, now also benefits from permanent technical support and high quality facilities through Eurotux’ outsourcing services.
Published on 2013-07-25

Using the change in facilities at the beginning of the year, VIA Consulting decided to change the localization of some of its core IT services, considered critical for proper business operation. In this fashion, the Windows Server, Linux and IBM I Series platforms used by VIA Consulting where transferred to Eurotux’ datacenter.

Acquiring Eurotux’ services brought several advantages to VIA Consulting. One the one hand, the datacenter’s features guarantee system security, making data recovery processes and protection from external threats, easier. One the other hand, it represents internal cost reduction, in that, by placing this management responsibility under Eurotux’ jurisdiction, the company’s workers can focus on their daily tasks, with no extra hassles.

Additionally, VIA Consulting also counts on Eurotux’ help and support with a 24x7 coverage plan, an essential feature for companies concerned about protecting its data and IT systems.

In its datacenter, Eurotux provides hosting services with total flexibility (with dedicated or shared servers and services suited to your needs), and housing services (hosting client’s own infrastructure and hardware). In other words: complete flexibility to meet its client’s needs.

Partnership beyond borders

As well as outsourcing internal core systems, Eurotux affirms itself as an important provider of datacenter services for VIA Consulting’s projects worldwide, particularly at this time, in the burgeoning Brazilian market.

Included among the many features that make Eurotux an attractive partner for these kinds of projects, in Portugal or abroad, are the quality of service, flexibility in addressing client’s needs, know-how in a multi-platform environment (Windows, Linux, IBM I Series), as well as the offering of competitive business proposals.

VIA Consulting, S.A. is a company specializing in and Management Consulting and Information Systems, having developed its platform b@myhand, that allows for the implementation of solutions such as USSD Banking, mobile payments, and mobile sales force, through the USSD communication channel.