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Odyssey 2017 strengthened the Eurotux Group’s team spirit and built bridges to the future

The Eurotux Group’s annual event was held in Guimarães, Portugal, for shareholders, management, and employees assess the year and set challenges for the future.
Published on 2017-10-06

The Eurotux Group held for ninth consecutive year, the Odyssey, an annual event that gathers shareholders, management, and employees to assess the company’s activity, anticipate future challenges, and above all, to strengthen team spirit.

The Odyssey 2017 was held on September 30th, in Guimarães, Portugal, at the Open Village Hotel & Spa, with the Eurotux Group getting together in an informal setting, reinforcing the company’s values and camaraderie between different teams.

The morning was dedicated to presentation, summarizing the main activities developed throughout the last year, with the company’s departments anticipating the future, with new projects and goals. The Eurotux Group’s management also assessed the year’s growth, foreseeing a 20% increase in turnover, in comparison to 2016, after having recorded the best semester in its history, in the first half of 2017.

Evaluating what is considered to be a normal and progressive expansion curve, the Group’s strategy for the future is to continue to foster profitability, by diversifying services and investing in the continuous enrichment of its Human Resources. The idea is to strengthen the positioning of the Group’s branches, starting with ITMZ, which continues its expansion in the Mozambican market. MORE Sec, the most recent acquisition of the Group, dedicated to the IT security sector, consolidates the idea of internationalization, resulting in a partnership with the Brazilian company, Picture Informática. In the field of web development, the focus is on the autonomization of this sector, with the development of the Dipcode brand as the main agglomerator of the several large scale and demanding projects that are currently planned. All the while Eurotux expects to duplicate its sales of IBM products and solutions that continue to be frequently demanded by its customers.

With this positive scenario on the horizon, the Eurotux Group’s employees used this opportunity to strengthen their bonds in a social setting focused on a common ideal. After gifts being offered to employees and a bountiful and diverse lunch, there was a customary leisure activity, with most employees participating in a laser tag session. The event ended with a regional snack, as with previous editions. The next of edition of the Odyssey will be held in September 2018.