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Open Source data bases improve performance and reduce costs with IBM Power

Better performance, greater efficiency, more speed, and reduced costs. These are a few of the virtues of data bases optimized for IBM Power systems that Eurotux implements.
Published on 2017-09-27

Open source software is already a part of the reality of many companies, with investments in open source data bases (DB), becoming more frequent. Its success is easily explained by the cost reduction it enables, considering the price of software licenses can reach significant levels in the business economy.

Eurotux, which currently has IBM Gold Business Partner status, has a wide experience in working with open source solutions and with IBM server platforms, including Power systems. A perfect match that enables its customers to assure high security and availability at low costs, reducing costs of management, infrastructure, and energy.

Double the peformance-price ratio

Open Source DB have currently reached the technological maturity that enables them to provide optimal performance levels, even while handling large volumes of data and critical applications. It was within this context that IBM collaborated directly with open source software companies, such as EnterpriseDB (EDB), which provides an improved version of the PostGreSQL open source DB, capable of safely supporting critical workloads.

Recent tests conducted internally by IBM, demonstrate that EDB’s performance improves by 80% with a POWER8 processor, in comparison with the x86 and with similar configuration settings. According to these trials, companies can achieve up to 60% more useful work per dollar spent, when implementing the EDB solution on the IBM Power platform.

NoSQL or non-relational data bases, optimized to support non-structured data, such as MongoDB, Neo4j, RedisLabs and Cassandra, and SQL or relational data bases (RDBMS), optimized to store and recover structured data, such as PostgreSQL and MariaDB, are optimized to improve performance at a much lower cost with Linux on Power, including POWER8.

IBM assures a performance-price ratio that is double than that of x86 systems for MongoDB, and 1.8 times greater than EDB, guaranteeing an improved performance and a decreased proliferation of servers. The combination of RedisLabs with Power8 results in a performance level with a 70% reduction in transaction costs, and a performance output 200% greater than the equivalent x86, according to IBM tests.

In addition to these advantages are the benefits of flexibility and scalability, enabling you to keep up with growing demands of businesses that continuously require greater system availability.

Gold level technical skills

The POWER8 was projected to assure high level of performance for heavy workloads and open source data bases, with four times more processing threads, and four times more memory per nucleus, in comparison to other processers, thusly guaranteeing quicker operations and smaller execution times, with significant cost savings.

Eurotux has an ample experience in terms of IBM Power systems, providing companies with a service of excellence, underscored by the IBM Gold Business Partner status, distinguishing not only its technical skill, but also its customer’s satisfaction and sales success. Eurotux’s certified technicians can help companies to adapt their technological infrastructures according to their needs, in terms of big data, mobile, cloud, security, analysis, among other aspects, guaranteeing the best use of resources and the ideal solution for each case.

Providing operations services, installation assistance, migrations, data base management systems, business intelligence, network communications, systems performance and planning, Eurotux is an ally for those seeking to count on the high levels of efficiency and resilience of IBM Power systems.

Get in touch now with the Eurotux, to discover the best solution for your business.