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Plimat awards services contract to Eurotux

Plimat, the most important Portuguese plumbing accessories company, recently awarded a services contract to Eurotux, covering the entire IT infrastructure.
Published on 2018-10-30

Eurotux and Plimat, a reference in the production of plumbing accessories, have signed a services contract that covers the company’s entire Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. The infrastructure is very heterogeneous, in which virtualized Intel and IMB i environments coexist with Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

The recently established contract, includes support services, in which Eurotux will have to correct detected anomalies or malfunctions, as well as eliminate them or minimize their impact. Within this scope, Plimat’s infrastructure is going to be monitored 24x7, with Eurotux permanently receiving information for the large number of supervised services. The contract also includes maintenance services, seeking to guarantee the infrastructure’s correct functioning, anticipating eventual malfunctions and anomalies. It also includes a vast set of semi-annual and annual tasks, namely the verification of the machines’ status, service features, response times, performance, updates, and operational tests, among others.

This partnership demonstrates the mutual trust in the work that has been conducted for about two years, when Eurotux implemented a Disaster Recovery system for Plimat, maximizing operational continuity, even in the event of a disaster. A result of this collaboration is the attainment of better conditions for conducting the company’s business, maximizing the System’s availability. Based on Open Source, this Monitoring system includes support, maintenance, prevention, and operational continuity services. As such, Plimat can obtain a rigorous overview of all the operations and incidents that may occur on its infrastructure, enabling the IT manager to make the best decision, in terms of both technical and financial impact.

Founded in 1978, Plimat is highly specialized in plumbing accessories, mainly focusing on the production of high quality components. Throughout its history, the company has recorded constant and balanced growth indicators, as a result of a strategy that is centred on research, development, and quality. This attitude allowed Plimat to reach a leading position in the Portuguese market, currently being the largest and most important Portuguese producer of plumbing accessories, and being among the best in the world in terms of quality.

Plimat is part of the MATOSGEST-GSPS, S.A, group, which includes four companies, three of them working with plastic materials, namely Plimat, Plimex, and Matosplás -, and Molde Matos, which specializes in producing high quality molds for plastic injection.

Plimat’s qualitative growth has translated into a need to intensify all areas, from production to logistics. The monitoring solution implemented by Eurotux, helps guarantee that the intensive production schedule, 24/7, 365 days of year, goes without inconvenient stoppages, keeping up, comprehensively and permanently, with the behaviour of services, systems, and infrastructures. As such, it promotes the reduction of unavailability and the rapid detection of incidents, assuring greater management of capacity.

Learn more about Eurotux’s Monitoring system here.

If you’d like detailed information on how this solution can help your company, please get in touch with Eurotux.