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Cloud Solutions

Eurotux has a range of products and solutions that are dedicated in reaping the maximum potential from the Cloud. They are versatile solutions designed to address your company’s needs, with differentiated responses to your problems, while getting the most out of the technology that Eurotux masters with a profound knowhow.


eurotux eMail Exchange

Spam and virus filtering systems with a quarantine area. Eliminates the nightmare of receiving unwanted and potentially dangerous email.

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eurotux eBackup

A cloud service that guarantees automated data backups for PCs, laptops or servers for any kind of organization, to a specialized datacenter at a remote location.

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eurotux eTicketing

Ticket management system, prepared to tackle the challenges for the most sophisticated companies, enabling a group of people to efficiently manage tasks and problems reported by clients.

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eurotux eNewsletter

Eurotux eNewsletter is a service made available on Eurotux’s cloud, providing a global solution for sending mailings and newsletters.

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Web and email hosting

Web and email shared hosting and domain registry services.

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External Cloud Services


Microsoft Office 365

A solution for professionals and SME, that combines Microsoft Web Apps (web versions of Office applications) and other features, based on the company’s cloud.

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