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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for professionals and small companies. A flexible and easy to use technology, that can also be used anywhere with Internet access.

This software combines the Office Web Apps (web versions of the Office suite, such as Word and Excel) with a set of web tools that make work easier, for you and your company.

With Office 365, you can work from practically anywhere and any device without having to go without the productivity environments that are familiar to PC, cell phones and browsers. Access to Microsoft’s SkyDrive (data hosting service on the cloud) also enables your documents to be always available at the distance of a click.

With different subscription fees, Microsoft Office 365 grants access to Office applications installed on your PC, with the transfer and licensing carried out from the cloud.

Depending on your needs, this service may broaden the scope of its features, combining Office tools with Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity services. When combined, these services will give you a wide-ranging productivity solution suited to your business requirements.

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