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eurotux eMail Exchange

A spam and virus filtering system with a quarantine area. It eliminates the nightmares of receiving undesired and potentially dangerous email.

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Eurotux’s email filtering service consists in shifting the process of filtering viruses, marking SPAM, protection against DoS attacks, etc., to Eurotux’s platforms, and later delivering messages that have passed the filtering process to the client’s infrastructure.


> Cloud Security: Ensure sustained protection service in a Datacenter with high security, availability and connectivity redundancy.

> Save time and resources: Delegate the responsibility for infrastructure maintenance, freeing up your team.

> Productivity: Eliminate the need to spend time and resources eliminating useless emails.

> Scalability: The solution can be adapted to the scale of your structure as your needs change.

> Reduce operations: The service updates automatically, as well as anti-SPAM rules, virus signatures, etc.

> Easy to deploy: No need to make changes in your physical structure or install applications.

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