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eurotux VoIP

For companies, being reachable nowadays is an imperative and constant necessity. At a time when businesses are increasingly conducted at a global scale, a versatile, scalable and cost-effective voice and data communication solution is needed. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), using a network of computers or the Internet for voice communications, is the best suited technology to address this need.

Access to data, video and voice communication services in one single structure.

The eurotux VoIP incorporates all the necessary characteristics for implementing an efficient and professional voice communication solution, including all the attributes of a conventional PBX with fewer growth costs and yet even more extra features.

With the advent (and mass production) of Voice over IP technology, data infrastructures take on an increasingly greater role, eliminating the need of a separate and parallel infrastructure for voice communications.



  • Cost reduction with communications
  • Allows for complete replacement of traditional voice infrastructure
  • Cost reduction with structure (using the same data structure)
  • Compatibility with a large number of equipments
  • Additional features in comparison to conventional PBX
  • Does not require the purchase of any commercial software license
  • Easy management via web interface

Traditional voice and data applications have become very limited when faced with the present day needs of companies, particularly when business plans involve expansion and opening of new offices, mainly due to the fact that installing and updating PBX comes with high costs.

When leasing contracts and/or PBX warrantees come to an end, it is a good opportunity to evaluate the potential of VoIP. In most cases, the shift to an integrated network of voice, video and data – the comes with fewer costs and provides integrated applications – is the best option.

This solution presents an interesting cost reduction, combined with the flexibility of several integrated services, without the limitations of a traditional PBX.



  • Answering machines with pre-recorded messages.
  • Automatic message blocking/forwarding based on schedules, answering groups, source, etc.
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Voicemail
  • Voice conference
  • Call transferring
  • Call waiting with personalized music
  • Reports and statistics on consumption and costs
  • Report on utilization of resources
  • Support for softphones, PDAs and smartphones




VoIP/Traditional System Solution

In the case of not having selected an exclusively VoIP based system, Eurotux is also ready to present a shared solution. In recent years we’ve seen the growth of data infrastructures and its approach towards voice structures. This fact has given rise to equipment with which Eurotux is accustomed to working with, that interconnect both structures.

While maintaining traditional access to external voice calls, we add the advantages of using voice over IP within the organization. This configuration is particularly advantageous for organizations that are present in several locations.

Using an account (or more) on VoIP operators, enables outgoing calls at lower prices, justifying, for some cases, the need for only an Internet connection and no telephone network.

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