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The Eurotux Group’s development team (Dipcode®) counts on the know-how and experience gained from high-complexity projects that require up-to-date, reliable, and proven skills, guaranteeing a high level of service quality.

Eurotux’s web development services are geared for large-scale projects with high level of security, robustness, performance, and availability requirements.



  • Increase your business’ efficiency
  • Invest in a solution that allows you to make better decisions
  • Automate your processes
  • Complex and critical systems

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  • Promote your brand
  • Establish closer relationship with your customers
  • Provide your customers a new web experience
  • Increase your company’s reach on the Internet

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Dipcode focuses on agile methodologies in order to address the customer’s needs. This working strategy allows the company to deliver the job gradually, in parts, with the development team executing short workflows. This allows for established deadlines to be met, while also delivering a final result with greater quality and customer satisfaction.

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Featured projects

Dipcode has implemented content management solutions in WordPress for customers from several different sectors, namely, media, distribution, and public administration. The company has strengthened its position as an expert in large scale projects, developed to address customers’ specific needs. Featured among the main projects implemented in WordPress, are the websites for Dinheiro Vivo, and Pingo Doce.

Pingo Doce (Jerónimo Martins Group)

The development project for the Pingo Doce website in WordPress had the particularity of being based on a distributed system. On the one hand, the website’s traffic and workloads are supported by several machines, in order to provide high scalability, and enable greater speed for accessing and obtaining search results. On the other hand, this process is transparent for users, since the WordPress interface is the same as is provided by a standard architecture.

This implementation was possible resorting to sophisticated synchronization mechanisms, as a result of integrating the combined efforts of Dipcode’s development and systems administration teams.

Dinheiro Vivo (Global Media Group)

The Dinheiro Vivo website was completely customized, in order to provide the experience the company wanted to give its new information consumers. Among other features, it displays updates by the minute, features from its several sections, and news recommendations for the user.

Considering that it’s a high traffic-volume website, speed and availability were immensely important. Advanced caching mechanisms were configured, allowing the website to sustain a performance level capable of handling the thousands of users it receives daily.

Eurotux has also developed a live blogging platform for Dinheiro Vivo.


Unibanco has updated its online presence, providing a new website for its customers to consult and use to sign up for credit cards and solutions. The web development project had the Eurotux Group’s signature.

The result of the project was an updated website that better reflects Unibanco’s communication strategy. The technology was also updated to WordPress, the platform of choice. Additionally, web services were also integrated between different systems.

At the new, users can submit their registration for credit cards and solutions, in complete security and easily, with a modern design and a rich and intuitive navigation. In addition to the registration requests, clients can view information pertaining to each product, such as advantages, offers, conditions, simulators, and pricing. The improvements to the navigation experience are highlighted by a responsive design that adapts the website automatically to different screen and device resolutions.

The website is based on an innovative platform, created specifically for Unibanco. It was developed with open source technologies, in accordance with web development standards and best practices.

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eVotUM (University of Minho)

The eVotUM is a secure electronic voting system, via web, that protects anonymity, targeting the entire University of Minho (UM) community, in Braga, Portugal.

The platform’s development project was of relatively high complexity and risk, involving extremely demanding requirements. The implementation took into consideration, the UM’s electoral process rules, as well as the highly complex technical mechanisms that were necessary to ensure the safety of the ballot boxes and votes, as well as to eliminate the possibility of fraud.

The eVotUM’s development was based on open source technologies, namely, Django, with which Dipcode has a wealth of experience and know-how. The development team had a strong focus on security and availability, ensuring, among other characteristics, anonymity, confidentiality, integrity, auditability, and the transparency of the electronic vote.

Additionally, the system was integrated with internal UM services, as well as external services, such as, Autenticação.Gov, which enables authentication using the Portuguese Citizen’s Card.

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TAP FLY+ Card (TAP/Unicre)

The development and implementation of the website for the new TAP FLY+ card was entrusted to Smart Vector, a Eurotux Group company. This card was launched at the beginning of October by the Portuguese airline and resulted from a joint venture with Unicre, a company specializing in debit cards. The website provides information on benefits, offers, conditions, and fees. Likewise, it enables membership registration for the card.

The implemented solution addresses the challenge presented by Unicre, to create a platform based on the best practices and latest technology, to support the card’s membership registrations. It is based on WordPress and includes several custom developments, for both the front and back office, in order to provide the client maximum autonomy in managing the website.

Continuous work was also developed by DevOps, involving the analysis and implementation of the information technology infrastructure that best addressed the requirements, in order to guarantee the platform’s high availability and performance, as well as information security.

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One of the main web app development projects implemented by Dipcode, is the technological platform upon which TrueClinic bases its management, billing, and tracking of daily clinic processes.

This platform handles a large volume of data, including records of insurance claims and medical acts. As such, special concern was given to data security and privacy.

Considering all factors, Dipcode proposes the best suited technological strategy, in order to guarantee the platform’s security, high availability, and speed, while reflecting the clinical provider’s business model.

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Knowledge and experience

Dipcode provides WordPress development services targeting large scale projects. The deep knowledge the company has in the areas of web development and systems administration, enables it to elevate WordPress to new heights of performance and availability, namely resorting to advanced caching mechanism and implementing the platform in distributed systems.

The company maintains a constant focus on systems security and robustness. Workload and security tests are conducted according to best practices. All third-party components, namely plug-ins, are submitted to an extensive technical analysis before being given the go-ahead.

The back office is optimized in each project, in order to provide maximum autonomy to the customer’s content management team, while automations are created to ease content migration and implementation.

Dipcode also has a specialized support team that monitors and accompanies the solution, in order to diagnose any problems and correct eventual anomalies.


Dipcode actively contributes to the communities of the technologies it uses, supporting and taking part in important events, such as, WordCamp Porto, and regional meet-ups concerning WordPress, Django, and DevOps.


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