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IBM Power / i (AS/400, iSeries e System i)

Focusing on a support that ensures balance between prevention and reaction, our technical team is made up of highly qualified professionals capable of finding and implementing the most appropriate solution, guaranteeing a level of service in-line with your business.

Eurotux is an IBM Gold Business Partner. We provide specific solutions for IBM Power / i (AS/400, iSeries and System i) systems. Our range of skills covers a high profile of assistance operations for installations, migrations, Database Management Systems, Business Intelligence, communications, networks, performance and system planning. Our technical team has honed the skills to execute every type of task, getting the most out of its infrastructure.

The Power systems are a platform with high levels of efficiency and resilience

We provide high quality consulting services for iSeries platforms, aligned with our clients’ pressing day-to-day need to evolve. We develop our work on the terrain and with our clients, taking into account their real needs and favouring open communication in order to manage expectations and identify the best suited solution.

The IBM iSeries systems support the critical business applications of many companies. The System i platform with OS/400 allows you to manage your infrastructure with fewer servers, fewer system administrators and cut operational costs. Rooted in IBM Power technology, the System i family provides scalability and unparalleled reliability.

Our consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Virtualization
  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Clustering and Replication
  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Business Continuity


The high performance of the Power i / AS/400 systems, result in an uptime that allows you to go without a fulltime system administrator. By selecting our support and maintenance service you acquire a quick return on investment.

Services we can provide for your iSeries (AS/400-iSeries) systems


Maintenance & Support
  • Specialized technical service
Operating Systems Management and Upgrades
  • Install and upgrade new releases of the AS/400 operating system
  • Check and update service levels
Systems Administration and Tailoring
  • Set up your system to perform at its' highest capacity
  • Help manage day to day activities
  • Set up printers, jobqs, subsystems, and other internals
Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • Create or assist in company-wide disaster recovery plans
  • Assist with testing plans at IBM Hot Sites
  • Analyze testing results and make recommendations as needed
System Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution
  • Troubleshoot critical system problems and resolve
  • Set up system monitoring applications
  • Place and coordinate hardware and software service calls
  • Set up SOX auditing procedures
  • Assist with yearly SOX audits
  • Review and advise on security configuration and procedures
  • Check for possible intrusion issues
System Performance and Tuning
  • Monitor system performance
  • Keep system well tuned
  • Investigate any performance issues or complaints
DASD Monitoring and Cleanup
  • Monitor disk space utilization
  • Assist in disk space clean up with custom queries and reports
  • Generate lists of objects by last used date, size, owner, etc. for cleanup
HMC and Partitioning
  • Assist with partition creation, tuning, adjustments, troubleshooting
  • Monitor and troubleshoot any HMC issues
Printer Performance and Setup
  • Set up printers and outqs
  • Troubleshoot any printer problems
  • Assist with special printing projects
Level 2 Assistance for Help Desk
  • Technical resource for your Help Desk on issues they can not resolve
Migration Preparation and Execution
  • Hardware migrations and upgrades
  • Full system backups and restores
Day to Day Monitoring Items
  • Check system log and messages for problems
  • Check DASD levels, make sure there were no spikes
  • Monitor system performance
  • Make sure backups are functioning properly
  • Check on any reported printer problems
  • Assist in other areas requested to ensure AS/400 is functioning properly
  • Monitor for critical system errors and resolve
  • Address any communications or networking issues
  • Monitor / Install / Upgrade 3rd party software products
  • Work on administration changes requested to the system software