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Eurotux implements Monitoring and Alarms projects based on Open Source technology, enabling you to detect incidents and trigger the appropriate alerts in order to register and handle the events.

The high number of systems and services that are used to store, handle, process, and transmit data, and their respective integrations, may cause flaws that affect the Information Systems. To address these challenges, Eurotux implements Monitoring and Alarms solutions that can keep up, in a holistic and permanent way, the behavior of an organization’s services, systems, and infrastructures. These solutions can use alarms mechanisms based on email and SMS, or other services with which you can integrate.

Reduction in downtime, quick detection of incidents, and management capacity are the main benefits of Eurotux’s Monitoring and Alarms Solution.

This service sustains the work of technical teams, regarding Incident Management and Capacity Management, since in order to detect flaws, you’ll be able to gather performance and capacity metrics. It also allows you to generate technical reports on availability, and metrics for capacity for permanent analysis. Additionally, you can complement the platform with a dashboard component, which can be adapted according to the clients’ needs, in terms of visuals and monitoring logic, helping operational teams visually identify problematic indicators.

Features and Benefits

Eurotux’s Monitoring Solution allows you to quickly identify, analyse, and solve problems with applications and infrastructure, including the following characteristics and features:

  • Focus on incidents recorded as abnormal according to the infrastructures’ metrics;
  • Quicker resolution of problems, analyzing records in the context of their occurrence;
  • Integration with the workflows of customers’ internal systems (e.g., CMDB).


Service tailored for each client

Based on open source technology, such as Icinga and Nagios, Eurotux’s Monitoring Solution is adapted to each client’s needs, installing specific tools according to each case, in order to address the solutions being used and their challenges.

Thanks to real time data capture and analysis, you can verify the state of devices and applications, analyse the performance of several components, and record the services’ performance in detail. Reports are generated from this global analysis, which allow you to analyze all behaviours on an infrastructure.

Based on a distributed infrastructure with high availability, it allows you to monitor the client’s IT system, regardless of its size and/or geographical dispersion.


Discover Eurotux’s Monitoring Solutions

Eurotux provides a tool for monitoring, capable of watching over infrastructures, platforms, services, and applications. Learn more about its features.

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