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Câmara Municipal da Maia

We’re sensing a more effective and dynamic management of resources, greater availability and ease in disaster recovery and less energy consumption.
"The Municipality of Maia, Portugal, one of the first local governments that Eurotux has worked with, has been a direct client of Eurotux since 2005, through “Maia Digital” projects. Eurotux has provided on a nearly permanent basis since that year, its support and operational maintenance services, in both the areas of computational infrastructures as well as in the sphere of web applications (maintenance and evolutional development of several municipal websites). The municipality also benefits from technological solutions from IBM (storage and servers), backups from WD Arkeia, Red Hat operating systems, and security via eurotux Firewall appliance. Eurotux also took part in an archive project, supported EMC’s Centera technology."

António Couto e Vale
IT Director at the City Hall of Maia