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The Update of Veeam Backup & Replication strengthens data hyper-availability

Veeam, a company specializing in security for virtual environments in VMware and in Hyper-V, added new resources to the Backup & Replication solution, increasing the capacity for data hyper-availability.
Published on 2019-01-29

A new update was recently released for the Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Backup and Replication solution, with new resources for Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, and other service providers. The new features simplify the management of data and applications on the cloud, with greater cost efficiency and easier migration and mobility, including the Direct Restore for Amazon AWS, and Azure Stack. This update also includes new plug-ins for SAP HANA and Oracle RMAN, which streamline backup and restore tasks for these solutions’ DBAs, allowing them to consolidate their backups on the Veeam repository.

This upgrade strengthens the Veeam Availability Platform’s capacities, which thanks to integrated Intelligence, it improves the multi-cloud management of data, assuring the business’ continuity, compliance, and security. The automation of processes frees up space for data auto-management by analyzing pattern recognition and machine learning. As such, data is automatically backed-up and migrated to the ideal localizations, as well as protected during suspicious activity, allowing for instantaneous recovery.

The Veeam Backup & Replication solution guarantees the hyper-availability of data, presenting a simple and reliable solution, even in business networks that operate in several platforms. Assuring greater acceleration and efficiency throughout the backup process, consequently enables a reduction in time and cost spent on procedures, allowing employees to concentrate on the most relevant tasks of the business’ daily routine.

Veeam Software is a company renowned as a reference in efficient backup and replication solutions, for virtual environments in VMware and in Hyper-V. With the Veeam Backup & Replication solution, companies can assure the protection of their data in virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments, using a single console that allows you to obtain the backup, the recovery, and the replication, quickly, reliably, and flexibly. The solution seeks to increase the availability of data and applications, improving the recovery times, and minimizing the risks for your business. Additionally, it adapts to infrastructures of different sizes, from small businesses with a single virtual server, up to large companies with hundreds or thousands of servers, multi-site or multi-hypervisor.

As a Veeam Silver ProPartner since 2016, Eurotux is the right partner to analyze how Veeam Backup & Replication can help your company grow safely.

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