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WordPress Plugin with IPMA weather forecast was developed by the Eurotux Group

The weather forecast provided by the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Air (IPMA) is now available for WordPress website managers, thanks to a plugin created by the Eurotux Group development team.
Published on 2017-10-02

Dipcode®, the Eurotux Group’s development team, was responsible for creating the plugin, with the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Air’s weather forecast, providing meteorological information in real time, for WordPress websites.

This plugin can display the IPMA’s weather forecast in real time, for any municipality in Portugal, on a WordPress website. A plugin is a computer program that is created with the goal of adding specific functions to more complex programs.

In this case, the plugin with the IPMA’s weather forecast can display an icon indicating the weather, high and low temperatures in degrees Celsius, and the probability of precipitation for the current and next two days.

The plugin is an add-on tool, with a simple installation and that doesn’t require any knowledge in programming, needing only that you place the weather widget in the website’s side bar, or insert it into a page or theme, via code. It was developed in responsive mode, optimized to adapt to all kinds of devices, from computers to tablets, and smartphones in between.

Specialized in web development using open source technologies, Dipcode® was also responsible for the development of portals for companies, such as Unibanco, Dinheiro Vivo, and Pingo Doce. It also developed the web-based electronic voting system, eVotUM, and the insurance management system, TrueClinic, among other large scale challenges with very demanding requirements in terms of security, robustness, and performance.

The Eurotux Group’s development team focuses on delivering back offices that are optimized for providing a user friendly approach for the customer’s content management teams. It also automates processes, making content migration and implementation easier. Resulting from the wide experience of its teams of professionals, Dipcode® has the skill to boost WordPress’ performance capacity and availability, resorting to advanced caching mechanisms and implementing the platform on distributed systems.

Upon finalizing the project, a team of specialized support will monitor and maintain the solution, in order to diagnose and timely correct any eventual problems. Dipcode® offers a global integrated response, with a high level of service quality, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your business’ processes, and increase profitability.

If you’re looking for more efficient solutions for your company, schedule a meeting now.