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CMDB implementation improves performance and helps attain objectives

Eurotux can implement and manage a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) on clients’ infrastructures, delivering clear benefits in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and achievement of goals.
Published on 2018-08-20

The complex ecosystems of companies’ Information Technology (IT) infrastructures place enormous challenges when it’s time to implement, configure, and maintain its distinct components. In this scenario, implementing a Configuration Management Database (CMDB), takes on a fundamental importance, being an area in which Eurotux operates, with clear benefits for the companies involved, in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and achievement of goals.

The CMDB is a central repository of information that acts like a data base for all of an IT infrastructure’s components (inventory, lifecycle management, responsibilities, documentation registry, localizations, contacts, costs, among others). As such, it helps companies to clearly assess the relations between these different components, as well as locate their configurations.

The integration of CMDB data with incidents, problems, or service requests registered on the tickets systems, allows you to build a contextualized historical record of changes to the infrastructure and services. It also allows you to create reports for obtaining the elements with greater incidence or greater effort, regarding incidents/problems that contribute to downtime. As such, you can decide on investment options based on objective data, namely choosing between renovating or strengthening elements that have become problematic for the organization. It is also possible to activate several modules that increase the CMDB’s functionality, closing the circuit for the ITSM (IT Service Management) solution, namely the integration with monitoring systems, the definition and planning of blueprints (physical locations), the generation of more detailed reports, and the separation of development, quality, and production environments (multi-tenant).

The implementation of a Configuration Management Database enables its clients to completely assess their infrastructure to insert on the CMDB and register/validate existing documentation concerning technical procedures, as well as interconnect the CMDB with a tickets system. Additionally, you can also register the agreed upon KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and SLAs (Service Legal Agreement). This way you obtain performance indicators to define and measure the organization’s progress, and align strategies to achieve the desired goals. The efficient management of IT systems’ configurations, enables the collection of objective data, allowing you to make the most conscientious decisions concerning the infrastructure’s capacity, and problems that may eventually be reported.

Eurotux can implement and manage a CMDB on its clients’ facilities, with there being several software options to this effect, including the i-doit ( solutions. Eurotux uses this IT documentation system in several projects, in order to guarantee a stable and efficient functioning of IT networks. The i-doit tool allows you to document changes in IT systems, define emergency plans, and display fundamental information in an agile way, and on a centralized location. And for having a modular architecture, it enables the development of extensions and complements to features.

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