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Eurotux’s Managed Services are a set of services that provide uninterrupted and tailored infrastructure management that can help your business maintain operations reliably and securely.

We are a team of highly qualified engineers that can deliver added-value services adapted to your reality, releasing you to focus on what matters – your business.

Leave your IT concerns up to us!

And embrace the digital transformation with Eurotux.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Monitoring

The support service enables the customer to easily submit service requests, usually resulting from the needs of the internal teams.

Additionally, a maintenance plan according to the best practices of infrastructure management will be created and scheduled by one of our Service Managers. That plan will include proactive activities related to the health of your infrastructure, like software updates, security policies enforcement and verification, and data security testing. Service Managers are also responsible for verifying the correct execution and communication of those maintenance plans to stakeholders.

Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service

The monitoring team receives, analyzes and treats incidents originating from the monitoring platform or communicated by the customer; diagnoses and solves the incidents, eliminating underlying causes; manages and communicates alerts with the customer’s teams.

Incident treatment includes technical activities, such as service reconfiguration, configuration revisions and software updates when needed.

The customer has a permanent and complete insight into the infrastructure’s current status.

Database Administration

DBA services are a group of assistance tasks designed to maintain the availability and performance of databases (which are critical pieces of several applications). At the same time, they uphold standards regarding user access, security management, data security and data model alignment with the needs of the applications that use databases.

IT Security

IT Security

Controlling security baselines and periodically reviewing the efficiency of security protocols is key to dealing with potential attacks on your systems.

Coupled with several project-oriented services, we have a skilled security team which takes all the appropriate actions to protect your organization.


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Leave your IT concerns up to us!

and embrace the digital transformation with Eurotux.

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