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Eurotux is your business’ right partner. Our IT consulting services help your organization assess your challenges and determine the adequate responses in process, technology or best practices.

You can also count on our experience to comply with the standards and prepare for certification processes, including guidance and specialized training.

Leave your IT concerns up to us!

And embrace the digital transformation with Eurotux.

IT Consulting

Consultoria de TI

When you face challenges you can’t understand, we can offer a consulting approach to identify adequate strategies to tackle them.

And when you do understand those challenges, we can help your teams put in place the adequate activities to achieve the results you need.



The NIS2 (Network and Information Security Directive) establishes a crucial framework for cybersecurity across critical sectors. Meanwhile, the DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) provides more specific and detailed regulations, addressing the unique risks and challenges within the financial industry and building upon the foundations set by NIS2.


The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compels companies to prepare to comply with the new law or otherwise face hefty fines.

Stay up to date with the changes the legislation implies, and confirm if your company is ready for them. Eurotux can help your company to institute measures to comply with GDPR.

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Leave your IT concerns up to us!

and embrace the digital transformation with Eurotux.

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