The projects that involve Eurotux’s privilege security criteria, proper handling of contingency situations, and high availability of systems. The technologies used range from open source products that are inherently transparent, reliable and high performance, in which Eurotux has invested since its foundation, to proprietary products, from several producers. Eurotux establishes trust-based relationships with its clients, proactively contributing to reaching and exceeding results and expectations.


Eurotux is ready to manage your business’ IT infrastructure. Our highly commited IT experts are ready to assist you to achieve your technology goals, improve efficiency, expand your operations with 24/7 managed IT support, monitoring, DBA and security service.



We can help increasing control of your development cycles, with a more agile and efficient delivery of applications and solutions. Eurotux provides support and consulting services for Cloud DevOps implementation. This solution includes cloud migration, cloud architecture design, automation development and more.



Have one trained, experienced, qualified and certified eFTE at your service, on your premisses or remotely, and get access to tailored expertise. Choose Eurotux’s IT Outsourcing services so you can focus on your business core activities.


Eurotux has experience in conceiving, assessing, sizing and implementing IT projects. We can help you to get a full insight of your network’s status, to implement cloud servers virtualization and assist your business implementation and integration projects.


With two decades of experience in the field, Eurotux gathered a team of IT experts, ready to assist your organization’s development. Our IT Consulting solution is the key for a good structural planning. We can also provide training programs, tailored for your needs.

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