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Monitoring, support, and maintenance services cover global monitoring of systems and quick responses to contingency situations, the handling of requests, according to clients’ needs, as well as preventive updating interventions, verifying services’ status, and correcting undesired behaviours.

Datacenter and Cloud services allow organizations to benefit from a simpler, more agile and cost-efficient IT model, allowing them to focus on their real business and consequently increase their competitiveness. We provide external hosting and cloud services in a specialized data center in various forms and tuned to the specific needs of the client with several options based on technical and financial requirements.

The high technical expertise of our team enables us to provide an accurate and business oriented analysis of each company in order to meet the technical requirements and solutions needed for new implementations, technological evolution and integrations with new technologies, migrations of legacy infrastructures; whether for physical, virtualized, cloud or hybrid environments.

Eurotux provides services to companies based in several countries around the world.



Eurotux is deeply knowledged in operating and developing with Linux, basing most of its projects in this and other open source technologies.


Eurotux is part of the Microsoft Partner Network. Its technical team includes certified professional for implementing and managing Microsoft products, namely, Windows Server and SQL Server


Eurotux manages the largest IBM client base in Portugal. Its skill set in AS/400, iSeries, i5, IBM I, AIX, and Linux on Power, increases management efficiency and reduces the costs related to these systems’ operation and maintenance.



When an organization grows and starts dealing with a bigger data volume, it is mandatory the search for a more powerful infrastructure, and more disk space.

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Eurotux aggregates the best solutions to its portfolio of products and services, in partnership with market leading companies and brands that offer state-of-the-art technology.

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