SOC Eurotux – Security Operations Center

Security is a significant concern of any organisation. Regardless of its size, companies are worried about the increased number, reach and severity of attacks, whose consequences are every time more costly – from lost deals to fines derived from legislation non-compliance. The attacks on Portuguese and international companies and the evergrowing number of cyberattacks perpetrated by the same actors of the most recent conflicts draw a new scenery where system security is a must-have.

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of stolen data each month between May 2021 and June 2022
0 %
of the data stolen included personal information about employees
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is the percentage of ransomware attacks in which it is not clear if the victims paid the ransom or not
paramount threats to the cybersecurity of organisations: ransomware, malware, crypto-jacking

Source: European Union Agency for Cibersecurity Report; data from EU, UK and USA

Cyberattacks on small businesses are growing each day. They are perceived as easy marks because they may have weaker security measures than more prominent companies and may need more resources to recover the integrity of their systems fast enough.

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Consequences of well-succeded attacks

SOC Eurotux – Security Operations Center

Eurotux presents SOC to reduce exposure risks

Eurotux designed and set the Security Operations Center (security monitoring) in motion. This new service offers contextualised data about events and the security status of their infrastructure.

SOC Eurotux – Security Operations Center

Service Levels

Real-time security event detection, analysis, classification, and identification
Alert communication for threats
Traffic mapping and ad hoc analysis (ports, protocols, payload)
Ongoing payload traffic analysis  
Decision support
Support in case of incidents (reporting to CNPD, incident reporting, containment)  
Consultancy for policy definition  
Incident analysis
Support in incident response
Phishing sites takedown  
Forensic analysis / Threat investigation (reverse engineering)    
Contextual analysis and user behavior analysis *    
Penetration testing  
Vulnerability analysis  
Monthly Security Reports (SOC Reports)
Communication (via ticketing)
Hours of Coverage (24×7)
* Possible if the client has a dedicated platform for this (e.g., Darktrace)

FAQs Security Operations Center

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SOC tools offer protection from cyber threats, but they also have ways to mitigate risks to provide solutions faster, even to the most advanced means of intrusion.

Eurotux teams have vast experience dealing globally with cybersecurity events. Access to these teams is a feature in one of the SOC levels of service.

Yes. Each client’s infrastructure’s size, coverage and particularities influence the design of SOC service. The various levels of service available will fit the client’s characteristics.

SOC analyses cybersecurity events, put in context by intelligence sources. It then evaluates and classifies these events considering the client’s particularities. If applicable, Eurotux briefs its clients about the threat and suggests measures of protection and mitigation to eliminate risks or ease and fix consequences. Eurotux also offers additional support to the execution of various regular protection actions in its clients’ systems.

DigitalSign Case Study

Learn how this client added an extra layer of valuable protection for the data and systems of its clients using the Eurotux SOC service.

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Leave your IT concerns up to us!

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