About us

Eurotux Informática SA, together with ITMZ, Dipcode and Eurotux UK make up the Eurotux Group, experts in planning, integrating, and implementing IT systems, offering information technology solutions that are developed according to clients’ needs.

Founded in 2000, it combines technical and scientific excellence with prudent management, which has always allowed it to sustain growth, supported by high equity and excellent results, liquidity and solvency indicators, which have earned it several awards.

Eurotux has experience with the main public clouds (AWS, Azure, and GCP), with services that are demanding in terms of security, reliability, and scalability, with some highly relevant references in the e-commerce and retail.

Due to the mastery it possesses in the specific fields it operates in, it has consolidated itself as a player of reference on the market. Its technical team consists of professionals that are highly trained in systems’ integration and administration.

The projects that involve Eurotux’s privilege security criteria, proper handling of contingency situations, and high availability of systems. The technologies used range from open source products that are inherently transparent, reliable and high performance, in which Eurotux has invested since its foundation, to proprietary products, from several producers.

Our Values

  1. Security

    The solutions provided by Eurotux have as their fundamental feature the emphasis on the security of applications and services, in order to reduce their vulnerability to failures caused by attacks or misuse of systems.

  2. Reliability

    Eurotux endeavours to create the necessary conditions for the reliability, high availability and operability of the systems involved in its solutions.

  3. Transparency

    The solutions provided by Eurotux excel for their technical transparency. We undertake to provide the customer with the most information regarding the implementation of the systems, thereby counteracting the creation of barriers that hinder informed technical decision making.

  4. Knowledge

    Eurotux originated in a university, an institution whose greatest capital is knowledge and which aims to teach and disseminate it. The use of open source software is one of the fastest ways to transmit it through example-based learning, while transmitting values of respect and appreciation of the intellectual property of others. Eurotux never shy away from transferring knowledge to its customers, knowing that their advantage will always be the ability to stay on the cutting edge of technological developments.

  5. Innovation

    Eurotux follows a proactive approach of foresight and technological innovation, with a view to developing and implementing innovative solutions, capable of adding value to the market.

Our Mission

Eurotux’s mission is the analysis, design, development and implementation of global IT solutions, which are characterized by security, reliability and transparency for the customer.

Our Policy

Eurotux exists to serve its customers with excellence

We assert ourselves as a technological partner of excellence, highly specialized in planning, integration and implementation of computer systems. We privilege the quality of our solutions and services, fulfilling the requirements and guaranteeing customer satisfaction, always acting with the flexibility and transparency that are out characteristics.

Continuous improvement

We constantly seek the continuous improvement of our processes and good practices, through efficient and flexible organization models, fulfilling the requirements of the interested parties.

Employees are our main asset

We believe in competence, therefore we invest on training and qualification of our professionals. We create conditions for personal and professional development of our employees. We encourage suggestions and opinions, in an environment of free expression.

ISO 9001 Certification

Eurotux’s continued commitment to quality was recognized with the renewal of the certification of its management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

Throughout its existence, Eurotux has always honored its commitments and obligations with suppliers and the State, paying its bills and taxes on time.
António Pinheiro Coutinho, CEO

Eurotux's offices

Eurotux operates three offices in Portugal – the main one in Braga and two others, in Lisbon and Bragança.

The registered office is located in Barcelos: Campo 25 de Abril, 310 4750 Barcelos – Portugal.

Since 2012, Eurotux is represented in Mozambique by ITMZ: an IT services company in Africa.

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