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Eurotux at Sophos Day Lisbon featuring synchronized security

The next generation in Information Technology security with which Sophos is revolutionizing the market, was the dominant theme at Sophos Day Lisbon 2017, an event that included Eurotux’s participation.
Published on 2017-10-25

Sophos Day Lisbon returned to Portugal, with the Information Technology (IT) security company that lends its name to the event, gathering business partners, including Eurotux, customers, and the general public, at the Museum of the Orient, in Lisbon, on October 17th, 2017. The event showcased synchronized security, the next generation in IT security with which Sophos is revolutionizing the IT market.

With the motto “Sophos Day – the NextGen Security Show”, the company specializing in IT protection and security solutions, sought to raise awareness among companies, of the importance of solidly defending themselves from growing and increasingly sophisticated threats of malware, especially after a year marked by ransomware.

To address the wave of increasingly complex threats, Sophos presented the “next generation security”, a new paradigm for approaching this issue that focuses on synchronized security. If the majority of protection devices, namely firewalls and antivirus, operate independently amongst themselves, this next generation security is based on synchronized communication and on intelligent sharing among diverse systems. The new technology directly connects the Sophos XG series next generation firewalls, and the UTM (Unified Threat Management) with the most advanced endpoint security, allowing these systems to talk to each other, sharing information in order to detect and prevent ransomware attacks.

In keeping with the concept of strength in unity, Sophos’ synchronized security allows you streamline a response to threats and increase the global quality of protection from attacks. This state-of-the-art protection, combines an intuitive security platform with integrated products of renowned value, working in tandem and automatically sharing information to block attacks, isolating infected endpoints before the threat can spread throughout the system.

Within the structure of Sophos’ synchronized security, the InterceptX, software marketed by Eurotux, plays a relevant role. At Sophos Day Lisbon, you could learn about the main evolutions that are being implemented for this product, namely with the inclusion of Deep Learning models, to detect malware and unwanted applications without the use of signatures.

Sophos continues to be at the forefront of IT infrastructure security, continuing on its visionary path of innovative solutions that really make a difference. As a Sophos Gold Partner, Eurotux has a vast experience in implementing these solutions, as well as privileged access to the security company’s new products.

Get in touch with Eurotux’s sales team to learn more about Sophos solutions that can help your company stay safe.

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