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Eurotux is the first Sophos Synchronized Security Partner in Portugal

Eurotux obtained the Sophos Synchronized Security Partner status, being the first Portuguese company to achieve the accreditation for one of the best security solutions on the market, Sophos Synchronized Security.
Published on 2018-05-21

Eurotux was recognized as a Sophos Synchronized Security Partner by the British company, Sophos, specialized in information technology security software and hardware. Eurotux is the first Portuguese company to achieve the Platinum category status, underscoring that Eurotux is increasingly part of Sophos’ elite partners.

This distinction was achieved after Eurotux successfully completed an accreditation and training program as a Sophos Platinum Partner. To obtain its current status, Eurotux also had to demonstrate the actual sale of the Sophos Synchronized Security solution. It is an innovative system that allows you to implement a more efficient IT security strategy, to safeguard companies’ technological infrastructures from the most recent and sophisticated threats that affect the business world.

Sophos Synchronized Security is considered the “next generation security”, integrating and automating endpoint and network protection, and allowing direct communication between the Sophos XG series’ next generation firewall, and the Endpoint and Server protection solutions. It allows you to implement unparalleled protection, while also reducing the response time for incidents. Connecting products that are traditionally used independently, Synchronized Security allows them to share intelligent data, enabling immediate answers to stop or control data violations or malware attacks. And all of this is thanks to a single system that integrates several solutions, without requiring the use of several tools, or complex management processes.

In the following video, you can view how, thanks to the Sophos Security Heartbeat™ solution, communication between endpoint security and firewall is processed.

Eurotux at exclusive event for Sophos partners

The accreditation of Eurotux as a Sophos Synchronized Security Partner, guarantees its customers a supply of the most effective security solutions on the market, based on the latest technologies. The distinction confirms its alignment with the quality and innovation that are the trademarks of Sophos products.

Within the scope of this collaboration, Eurotux took part, on May 7-8, 2018, in Ribera del Duero, Spain, in an exclusive event for Sophos partners, in which ideas were exchanged with the British brand’s executives and specialists. The initiative also allowed Eurotux to actively take part in the market analysis and definition of Sophos’ strategy for the Iberian market. A proactive intervention that seeks to maintain Eurotux as a leader in supplying Sophos solutions.

To learn more about Sophos Synchronized Security and how you can protect your business, please get in touch with us!

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