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Eurotux presented success case with SAP HANA on POWER for IBM event

Ricardo Oliveira, Eurotux’s Consulting Services Director, took part in IBM’s Infrastructure Technology for Disruption event, to talk about the success case of Cork Supply Portugal, which used SAP HANA on POWER systems.
Published on 2018-11-29

The Infrastructure Technology for Disruption event gathered about 100 IBM clients and business partners last November 20th, 2018, in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was an opportunity to present some of IBM’s most innovative technologies, which are potentially more decisive in helping companies. Artificial intelligence, POWER9, storage solutions, cloud, and security, were some of the themes discussed at the event.

IBM outlined for its partners, how the new POWER9 can help companies to grow, and how their multi-cloud and storage solutions can guarantee security and scalability. Representing Eurotux, Ricardo Oliveira, the company’s Consulting Services Director, presented a success case (as its service provider) involving the infrastructure that hosts client Cork Supply’s services.

Cork Supply Portugal, one of the world’s largest suppliers of cork stoppers for the wine industry, has a contract for the provision of infrastructure services with Eurotux, to support SAP HANA on IBM POWER systems, as well as INTEL systems – a particularity of this project is the fact that it includes the integration of two types of platforms, – also including all of the client’s internal IT infrastructure management. This solution enables greater access speed, as well as real time management, assuring greater performance. During the Infrastructure Technology for Disruption, Eurotux showcased how this combination is very advantageous for companies with SAP HANA, namely for those that handle large volumes of data and critical environments. Eurotux is a Managed Services Provider with a vast experience in this area, with a proven record and a large portfolio of clients.

Get in touch with Eurotux now to learn more about the benefits of using SAP HANA in IBM’s POWER systems.

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