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Eurotux presents IT-as-a-Service as a new business model

The strategic shift of Eurotux’s Technical Services to IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) was one of the highlighted themes at the Eurotux Ecosystem, which was held on October 29th, 2019.
Published on 2019-10-30

An increasing number of companies are adopting the IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model as the solution of the future. At Eurotux, this approach is already the focus of the present, with the transformation of the Technical Services provided to clients, which was presented during the Eurotux Ecosystem.

The business model for IT-as-a-Service was a main theme of the event, held on October 29th, 2019, in Matosinhos, Portugal. Ricardo Oliveira, Eurotux’s Director of Services and Consulting, and Vinicius Muniz, the company’s Account Manager, revealed to Ecosystem participants, the main advantages and transformations of this approach, with lectures titled “Eurotux’s Vision for Cybersecurity: Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)”, and “Architecting the Future: ITaaS”.

The philosophy of IT-as-a-Service is based on the idea of services on demand. As such, clients can select the services that best address their reality, from a catalogue of Eurotux services. This flexible approach guarantees quicker results, being truly focused on the client that has the power to choose and to pay for what they need. The model triggers a new mind-set, with specifications designed according to each businesses’ needs.

One of the major virtues of IT-as-a-Service is reduction of costs, since it’s requirements payment only for services you really need. On the other hand, supplying these solutions “as-a-service” is more agile, being provided when and where they are necessary, scaled, and adapted according to different companies’ different profiles and sizes. The model allows you to create a truly collaborative organization, integrating employees, processes, governance structures, and specific tools, aggregating the entire IT infrastructure with evident advantages for the business.

Eurotux’s SECaaS model provides a series of services supported by technologies from major brands, that are delivered as a service and that can be purchased according to each company’s needs. It is a hybrid model of SECaaS and OnPremises solutions, transformed as a service, and inserted into a unique contract.

The first step into shifting to an IT-as-a-Service model, includes the execution of a network audit, to determine the services that are essential, namely, services that are specific for the company’s core business. At Eurotux, we can help you acquire the vital knowledge for defining the services your company needs.