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Eurotux’ support in food drive was a success

Rice, pasta, canned-goods, cereals, cookies and much more. During the last week of May, Eurotux employees showed their spirit of solidarity in the food drive for the Food Bank Against Hunger, collecting a wide variety of foodstuffs.
Published on 2013-06-25

All added up, after Eurotux doubled every item offered by its workers, the Braga Food Bank was supplied with two full shopping carts at once, with a total of over 200 donated items.

The donation was delivered by company employees at a drop-off shopping center on Saturday, June 1. Meanwhile, other employees also granted a few hours of volunteer work during the campaign, resulting in additional donations.

The Eurotux employees had a notably positive participation in this initiative, considering that an organization with less than 30 persons managed to collect a large quantity of food.

Having managed to encourage its employees to contribute, Eurotux considers this a successful initiative, making way for future contributions in similar or different fashion and frequency.

The Food Bank Against Hunger’s food drive occurred on June 1 and 2, the first weekend of the month, having collected nationwide, 2445 tons of foodstuffs. The initiative was supported by 39 200 volunteers in 1181 shopping centers.