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Panike unifies communication and call center solutions with eurotux VoIP.

Panike’s communication solutions are based on Eurotux’s VoIP solution. The development project involved the replacement of the traditional PBX and call center based on a proprietary solution.
Published on 2014-03-31

Every day more than 250 of Panike’s professionals depend on the internal communication service to keep the business fully running. This Portuguese company has modernized over the years, due to the constant demand for solutions that offer features that contribute to the increased productivity of its workers and to the improvement of relations with clients.

Existing solutions consisted in a traditional PBX and a call center system based on a proprietary solution. The eurotux VoIP solution has replaced these solutions, unifying communications in a technologically advanced system.

The possibility of implementing features that reflected the logic of business processes was one of the requisites of the project. The eurotux VoIP solution, based on open source software, allows for the development of new features, making this solution meet the company’s needs rather than having the company adapting to the solution.

As well as the base features offered, others were implemented, having a direct impact on the work method of Panike’s workers. Among them is click2dial, where users click on a number and the system makes the connection automatically, the poll interface for missed calls that cross-checks the phone number with the database of clients and shows the client’s information on the interface. The DISA/Callback features was also implemented, allowing workers to call the central by cell phone, and from there, make a call to numbers outside of the group, from among contacts that are on your list.

The eurotux VoIP solution is flexible and allows for integration with other software. During implementation, this project was integrated with Queuemetrics, allowing for the development of advanced communications reports, and with the ERP SAP, in order to consult the company’s client database.

All of the implemented features reflect the logic of Panike’s business processes and allow for obtaining valuable management information, such as, knowing at what point the client terminated a call, whether it was during the options menu, or while he was on hold.

Regarding equipment, Eurotux has analyzed the existing infra-structure and has provided more adequate VoIP terminals, in order to maximize its benefits.

Unifying the communication solutions in the eurotux VoIP solutions adds value to the communication infrastructure turning it into a competitive advantage for any company or organization.

Among the main benefits of the eurotux VoIP, is the reduction of structure costs (using the same data structure), the replacement of the traditional phone structure, extended compatibility with equipments, the addition of features with relation to conventional PBX, the unnecessary purchasing of commercial software and the usability through the web interface.


About Panike

Panike is the largest Portuguese company in the frozen dough sector, concentrating its effort and dedication in satisfying its clients. It has 25 years of experience in the market, combining tradition with advanced production technology. It is a company of reference constantly seeking modernization in order to better serve its clients.