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Sophos SafeGuard: the most complete data protection solution on the market

Data protection is an increasingly relevant issue. In April 2016, the European Parliament approved new legislation in this area. Sophos provides end-to-end encryption solutions that protect data automatically, wherever they are being stored.
Published on 2016-06-30

With the proliferation of digital devices, files that contains sensitive information, such financial information, client databases, ongoing projects, or worker’s personal data, may be stored in several locations, being exposed to malware, hackers, and security breaches. The most adequate way to deal with these threats is to implement a global encryption solution.

Sophos SafeGuard enables automatic data encryption, protecting them on multiple platforms and operating systems, whether they are stored on a computer, smartphone, USB unit, shared folder, or cloud service.

This solution was built to be easily integrated into organization’s workflow without affecting productivity. Data encryption is transparent for the user, and easy to configure and manage for the system administrators.

The SafeGuard Management Center enables specific encryption policy management, for different groups and devices, allowing you to select total encryption of just certain file types.

In order to strengthen the partnership between the two companies, ongoing since 2001, Sophos, represented by Inma Martínez, Channel Account Executive Portugal, and Eurotux recently held a work meeting.

Compliance with European Union Legislation

In April 2016, the European Parliament, approved new rules concerning data protection. The new regulation aims to protect citizen’s privacy and guarantee the free circulation of personal data within the European Union.

Member-states have two years to implement the new legislation. Companies that do not comply with legislation may be fined up to 4% of their annual business volume.

The Sophos SafeGuard managment console displays a simple and easy to use interface, helping organization comply with the legislation, avoiding breaches of security and violation of personal data.

To learn more about Sophos solutions, schedule a meeting with Eurotux's sales department, or reach us by telephone +351 253 680 300 or by Email