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Trust in News Group launched Holofote within the scope of the strategic partnership with Dipcode

The strategic partnership between Trust in News and Dipcode proceeded with the launch of the Holofote website, a project based on an editorial platform in WordPress that will host all of the online publications of the largest Portuguese publishing group.
Published on 2019-09-27

The Trust in News group launched the Holofote website that aims to shed “a new light on celebrities and television in Portugal, conducted in partnership with the TVMais and Telenovelas magazines. A project designed and developed by Dipcode, a Web Development company of the Eurotux Group, as part of the ongoing global strategic partnership.

The launch of this collaboration between Dipcode and Trust in News included the development of an online shop, which sells subscriptions to publications. Trust in News is the largest print publication group in Portugal, owning Portuguese publishing brands, such as Visão, Caras, Exame, Exame Informática, and Activa. The Holofote was the first website resulting from the design and implementation project for the editorial platform that will host Trust in News’ online publications. This was a specially challenging mission, given the need of adapting WordPress’ backoffice to the editorial team’s demands. On the other hand, the high number of users involved required additional care from Dipcode, regarding performance management.

Dipcode’s professionals took on a decisive role in defining the project’s requirements, based on their ample experience with media website, which includes Portuguese brands such as the Expresso, and Visão. The partnership with Trust In News came about within the scope of the know-how in media that the Eurotux Group has accumulated, due to its collaboration with several Portuguese media groups, in extensive and long-term partnerships. The bond with Trust In News is also long-term, basing the implementation of new projects on the newly developed editorial platform.

The editorial platform is based on the WordPress content management system, while Dipcode customized the design, taking advantage of the vast potential of the new Gutenberg editor. This WordPress tool allows for greater flexibility in creating news and content in general, thanks to the ease with which elements such as text, images, and videos can be visually developed to create the final product, without requiring technical skills. This process also required a data migration from the old websites of the TVMais and Telenovelas publications. This content was aggregated to give birth to Holofote.


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