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Eurotux is part of the Microsoft Parnter Network with Silver Hosting level. Its team includes several professionals certified in implementation and management of Microsoft products. Eurotux has an active Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), as well as being an Authorized License Mobility Partner, positioning itself as a global partner for hosting services.


Silver Hosting Competency

Partners with Silver status acquire firsthand knowledge on the latest Microsoft resources and software capabilities, being able to use them internally with access to the latest news, business opportunities and training. With regards to business opportunities, resources are available that grant access to potential clients, as well as Marketing tools that facilitate the creation of promotion campaigns. Support can also be used to get information on products, solving technical problems with clients and obtaining consulting hours from Microsoft consultants.


Contrato de Licença de Fornecedor de Serviços Microsoft (SPLA)


Microsoft’s SPLA service opens the door to a supply of services and software hosted externally – such as web hosting, hosted applications, messaging and platform infrastructure – to end clients. SPLA partners, such as Eurotux, hone the skill to provide a personalized service, at flexible costs, without initial overheads or other limitations.

The SPLA presents the following benefits for the end client:

  • Offers a personalized and flexible service, through a dedicated or shared hosting environment;
  • Provides the latest version of Microsoft products;
  • Offers external datacenter services, enabling cost reductions in datacenter administration, tests and maintenance and support services;
  • Installation of services and products on your infrastructure and devices;
  • Free 60-day evaluation trial for services and products;
  • Special terms for the academic sector.


SPLA Licences are non-perpetual licences (or subscribed) that may be used during the full term of the contract. There are two existing licensing models for contracting Microsoft services and products.

  • By Subscriber: A Subscriber Access License (SAL) is necessary for each user or device authorized to access or use contracted products. With the SAL option, a separate Server License is unnecessary;
  • By Processor: Each Processor License provides for an unlimited number of users to access the software installed on the respective processor for products licensed through the processor model.


License Mobility through Software Assurance


In addition to the SPLA, being an Authorized License Mobility Partner allows Eurotux to implement certain Microsoft products in a shared environment.

Microsoft enables Volume Licensing clients to utilize certain Microsoft products in shared environments with License Mobility through Software Assurance. A client’s application server licenses may be shared in a service provider’s datacenter. However, while the hardware is being shared, the respective server instances should be dedicated specifically for that client, while not being shared with others.

Only products covered by active Software Assurance may be attributed through License Mobility through Software Assurance. To view which products are covered, check the section “Software Assurance Benefits” included in the Microsoft Product Use Rights (PUR), available at This PUR section contains additional information concerning specific rights with regards to License Mobility through Software Assurance.

It will be necessary to verify licenses for their eligibility in exercising rights concerning License Mobility through Software Assurance. To begin the verification process and review additional details with regards to License Mobility through Software Assurance, visit the page:


About Microsoft


Microsoft is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of software, a renowned brand in the field of new technology. It was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, in the United States of America.

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