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Eurotux provides support and consulting services for implementing DevOps, so that its customers can maximize cooperation between the teams, minimize the risk, and obtain a faster return on investment.

The term DevOps results from the combination of the concepts of “development” and “operations”, and its goal is to ally these two areas, improving the communication, cooperation, and integration between them. The main objective is to promote a more agile and efficient delivery of digital applications and solutions, addressing customers’ needs and urgencies.

DevOps services promote a more efficient cooperation between the several lines of development and Information Technology (IT) operations, bringing together software engineers (developers), development and integration managers, system administrators (sysadmins), and managers of IT infrastructure deployment, monitoring, and operations.

DevOps services allow you to increase control of development cycles, reduce the risk, and increase product profitability.”

The implementation of the DevOps methodology covers the entire process, from strategy to implementation, and includes the execution of the following services:

  • Migration from/between clouds;
  • Dockerize applications;
  • Cloud architecture design;
  • Automation development:

- Cost reduction
- Pipeline chain maintenance or incrementation
- Infrastructure as a code backup.

Alignment with business goals

The DevOps teams directly contribute to the achievement of business objectives, enabling permanent cost control, greater efficiency, and therefore, reduced development costs.

Faster time-to-market

The execution of more frequent development cycles, and with less effort, allows you to implement new features more quickly. As such, the time-to-market is considerably reduced, in comparison with traditional methodologies.

Continuous integration

The DevOps teams use tools to automate testing and integration, which reduces the duration and errors associated to these types of tasks. This results in fewer failures and less waste of time.

Risk management

The DevOps services are the guarantee of more security, more productivity, greater scalability, and improved performance. And since it assures fewer failures and less waste, it also fosters cost reduction.



The DevOps methodology is being applied with great results for several working methods, from smaller companies to large multinationals. Its implementation has garnered several benefits, starting with a quicker development and ending with greater quality for the final product. The gains, in terms of productivity and costs, are evident.

Eurotux relies on a team of experienced and versatile professionals, thus being accustomed and capable of assuring the implementation of the DevOps methodology, to the benefit of the customers’ interests, and addressing their needs and demands.

Get in touch with us now, to learn more about the implementation or outsourcing of DevOps.