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Sophos’ next generation in protection has reached servers

Sophos recently launched the Intercept X for Servers, offering the next generation in protection, resorting to deep learning to detect and stop malware and ransomware attacks.
Published on 2018-09-27

Sophos, a company of reference for Information Technology security solutions, has just integrated the Intercept X solution with server protection. A measure that substantially strengthens the security of servers, thanks to deep learning technology, and anti-exploit, as well as other state-of-the-art features.

The Intercept X for Servers provides state-of-the-art protection, resorting to deep learning to detect and stop malware and ransomware attacks. This predictive technology is based on Artificial Intelligence to detect suspicious characteristics in potentially malicious code. As such, it is a tool that is constantly learning and evolving, permanently equipped to handle different and renewed threats. This protection is fundamental to secure the servers of businesses and/or organization, and consequently, for preserving their existence and operation.

Attacks on servers may result in particularly pernicious damages for companies, with more dramatic and nefarious effects than the threats that occur on individual endpoints. A business’ vital data is typically stored on servers – everything from personal data to financial information (namely salaries, and client and supplier data), to shared applications and Data Bases, among others. A valuable set of data that is essential to preserve.

State-of-the-art protection

As such, Sophos is introducing the Intercept X for Servers, assuring state-of-the-art protection, for both physical and cloud-based servers. The solution combines deep learning with advanced anti-exploit technology, strengthening protection, even for servers that do not have the most advanced systems. With CryptoGuard and WipeGuard technologies, you can detect and intercept unsolicited file encryption, as well as protect the master boot record from malicious encryptions. Additionally, if offers exclusives features, such as Server Lockdown, which allows you to block the execution of new processes, and the Cloud Workload Discovery, which guarantees the security of servers’ configurations, regardless of their location.

The integration of Intercept X on the Sophos Central Server Protection, makes using the solution easier, allowing the individualized management of each layer of security, whether it’s on premise, or on the cloud.

“Specific protection is necessary for servers is necessary in a stratified and successful security strategy, in order to reduce the risk of data violation”, affirmed the vice-president of Sophos and General-Manager of Products, Dan Schiappa.

“Combined with Sophos Synchronized Security, and the Sophos Central platform’s simple management, the Intercept X for Server is a strong tool that helps companies to avoid becoming the next victim”, highlights Dan Schiappa. As a Sophos Platinum Partner, Eurotux is the best ally to guide you towards guaranteeing that your company is not the next victim.

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