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UH4SP project invests in IoT and Industry 4.0 to revolutionize the industrial sector

Implementing a Smart Plant, based on Artificial Intelligence and operational efficiency, is the main goal of the UH4SP – Unified Hub for Smart Plants project, which counts on Eurotux’s collaboration.
Published on 2018-07-26

Eurotux is one of the promoters of the UH4SP project – Unified Hub for Smart Plants, which is based on the principles of the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0, for integrating all industrial operations in a true Smart Plant. The goal is to assure logistical optimization, and the full operational efficiency.

The UH4SP project began in October 2016, under the leadership of Cachapuz, the leading Portuguese industrial scales company, located in Braga, Portugal, in a partnership with Eurotux, the Department of Systems and Production of the University of Minho, and the C.C.G/Z.G.D.V. Association – Centro de Computação Gráfica (Computer Graphics Centre).

The UH4SP is a software architecture that incorporates the paradigms and innovations of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, in the development of solutions and technological services that enable you to integrate operations of industrial units into a single system. With collaborative tools, it seeks to optimize the management of resources, and operational efficiency, as well as strengthen the relationship with clients, and improve service to address their needs and requests.

The scope of intervention of the UH4SP project includes optimization and simulation, namely by scaling and load balancing operations’ processing, optimizing routes and their simulation, but also with the computational platform, by way of the cloud and cloud providers architecture, data flows in IoT environments, the storage and handling of large volumes of data, machine learning, and monitoring of infrastructure. The goal is to develop new methods for sensing, namely, to improve the processes for recognizing people and vehicles, and aiding the in-plant navigation, as well as remote assistance via Augmented Reality technology.

The ultimate mission of this collaboration, which counts on Eurotux’s contribution, is to enable the implementation of a true Smart Plant, with all industrial operations being driven by the principles of Artificial Intelligence and efficiency. With the logistical optimization on the horizon, we are facing a new global approach to the business, focusing on differentiation by way of operational effectiveness.

Eurotux’s involvement in this project reflects the company’s commitment in the fields of research and the development of innovative technology, seeking the efficient optimization of operations. A strategic investment that contributes to the company’s own growth, as well as to the common good of the national and international industrial sector.

To learn more about the UH4SP project, please visit the website