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The experts of the experts

Eurotux Informática SA, together with ITMZ, Dipcode, and More Sec, make up the Eurotux Group, experts in planning, integrating, and implementing IT systems, offering information technology solutions that are developed according to clients’ needs.

Established in 2000, it combines technical and scientific excellence with prudent management, which have consistently enabled sustained growth, rooted in high levels of equity and excellent result indicators, liquidity, and solvability, earning it several awards.

So that our clients can focus on what really matters – their business.

Eurotux has experience with the main public clouds (AWS, Azure, and GCP), with services that are demanding in terms of security, reliability, and scalability, with some highly relevant references in the e-commerce and retail.

Due to the mastery it possesses in the specific fields it operates in, it has consolidated itself as a player of reference on the market. Its technical team consists of professionals that are highly trained in systems integration and administration.

The projects that involve Eurotux’s privilege security criteria, proper handling of contingency situations, and high availability of systems. The technologies used range from open source products that are inherently transparent, reliable and high performance, in which Eurotux has invested since its foundation, to proprietary products, from several producers.

Eurotux’s team of employees consists of more than 50 people, 80% of whom have a licentiate’s or master’s degree in Information Technology. The technical team is made up of vastly experienced and highly competent professionals, prepared to efficiently address the most complex challenges.

Eurotux establishes trust-based relationships with its clients, proactively contributing to reaching and exceeding results and expectations. Since its creation its client base has consistently and sustainably grown. Among Eurotux’s several clients of reference, are Caixatec (Caixa Geral de Depósitos), the Impresa Group, the IPMA – Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Air, Sonae, Worten, Digitalsign, Unilabs, and Multicert.

Eurotux has offices in Braga, Barcelos, Bragança, and Porto, Portugal, through which it supports infrastructures in several continents. In addition to its presence in the Mozambican market, with ITMZ, it is also involved in several international projects in Brazil, Angola, Malta, United Kingdom, and France, among others.


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