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The experts of the experts

Eurotux Informática S.A. is a company specializing in planning, integrating and implementing information technology systems, providing IT solutions developed according to the clients’ needs.

Established in 2000 as an initiative of professors from the University of Minho, Portugal, it combines technical and scientific excellence with a prudent management, that has consistently enabled sustained growth, rooted in high levels of equity and excellent result indicators, liquidity and solvability, earning it the “SME Excellence” award for four consecutive years and the “SME Leader” award for eight consecutive years.

So that our clients can focus on what really matters – their business.

Eurotux’s workforce consists of 37 people, of whom 80% have an undergraduate or master’s degree in IT.

The technologies used include everything from Open Source products, inherently transparent, reliable, high performance, and preferred from the company’s onset, to proprietary products from the domains of Microsoft, VMWare, EMC, Cisco, Oracle, IBM and others. Eurotux has recently increased its focus on IBM’s Power/iSeries segment, providing and administering solutions that support services for international telecommunication operators.

The projects that involve Eurotux emphasize safety criteria, contingency planning and high availability of systems. The company is an expert in consolidation and security, has a privileged standing in the area of Open Source and intervenes evermore frequently in environments where interoperability between different solutions is a crucial factor.

The company is present in the Mozambican market with its participation in ITMZ – Serviços e Soluções, Lda, and is involved in several international projects in Brazil, Angola, Malta, United Kingdom, France, among others.

Along with ITMZ, and DipCode - Smart Vector, and MORE Sec, comprises the Eurotux Group.


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