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Eurotux privileges and values Human Resources as an engine of growth

Eurotux’s employees are considered the company’s main assets, constituting a strategy investment that requires qualification and continuous valuation, as a fundamental factor of its growth.
Published on 2018-08-20

Human Resources are a fundamental asset for Eurotux, and are considered a strategic driver for the company. As such, talent management takes on a central importance in strengthening competitiveness and enabling better results in the company’s daily activity. In addition to training and professional development, Eurotux is also concerned with the personal improvement and well being of its employees. In this regard, the company defines a set of talent management policies and practices according to its reality.

Eurotux aims to build effective relationships with its employees, acknowledging their value and allowing them to participate in the company’s direction and definition of growth opportunities. The company privileges good internal communication and the strengthening of bonds between all of the company’s elements. For this purpose, annual assessment meetings and activities are held (team building, luncheons, commemorative events), as well as the company’s annual event (Odisseia), department meetings, and a pool of ideas/suggestions, seeking to involve all employees (internal taskforce).

It is also important for employees to have a view of the opportunities they have at Eurotux, in order to align their skill and development with specific career goals and the company’s needs. Talent is identified and empowered, generating greater involvement and motivation via positive feedback and acknowledgement.  To this effect, the company implemented the TuxTeam Commit, team meetings, the performance review system, performance review meetings, and moments for acknowledging achieved goals.

Eurotux seeks committed and motivated employees, working with a set of benefits, such as protocols with external entities (gyms, opticians, banks), salary review, insurances (health, life, capitalization), productivity bonus, annual bonuses, and payments in kind.

The company invests in training and development, essential factors for achieving its goals. The acquisition and development of skills condition people for success, and consequently the company’s success. This is why there is a continuous investment in growth via training (continuous recycling and integration), certifications, participation in events (meetups, conferences), TuxTeachings, and the provision of a TuxTeca (internal technical library).

Maintaining a good management of Human Resources has helped Eurotux solidify its position for its clients, guaranteeing a more agile response to its needs. The focus in qualifying its employees has contributed to the company’s resilience in a market with growing technological challenges. By appreciating its professional assets, Eurotux assumes an essential competitive advantage in order to attain the best financial results and its established goals.