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IBM unveils technologies that contribute to GDPR implementation

Eurotux took part in the event in France, where IBM presented solutions that assist companies to comply with the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations.
Published on 2017-11-29

IBM unveiled to its business partners, including Eurotux, solutions that can help companies to comply with the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations. Between November 20th and 22nd, in Montpellier, France, the American technology company demonstrated how to implement more robust systems for data security and compliance with the new Regulations.

At this briefing event in Montpellier, Eurotux representatives were among IBM partners, customers and employees from countries such as Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Angola, among others, which had the opportunity to see how auditability is fundamental for implementing the GDPR.

The Regulation that comes into effect on May of 2018, strengthens the privacy policies for managing personal data. As such, the concepts of Pseudonymization and Anonymization become fundamental. Compliance with the GDPR, however, can only be guaranteed by establishing mechanisms for continuous auditability and permanent monitoring and tracking of all data and file activity. We can guarantee these features with the IBM Security Guardium, which audits the access to personal data, detecting and alerting non-authorized accesses, and rigorously controlling all modifications. It also enables encryption for sensitive data, as well as blocking, masking, alerting, and quarantining files.

The event at the IBM Client Centre in Montpellier, also highlighted the IBM QRadar SIEM (Security Information and Events Management), a Security Incident Management and Tracking platform that allows you to identify attacks and eventual data violation vulnerabilities. It’s a tool that monitors and audits the global Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, and is a strong ally to assist in compliance with the GDPR.

Available on-premises and on cloud environment, the QRadar SIEM helps to build an immune system, capable of detecting anomalies, exposing threats, and avoiding false alarms. Combining the Security Information and Event Management, log management, detection of anomalies, and the management of vulnerabilities onto a single solution, the QRadar organizes millions of network event data points and enables the interruption of attacks before they complete. It is a comprehensive solutions that enables quick and easy access to auditing information.

Another solution that was covered, was the IBM Resilient, a platform for investigating and solving cyberattacks. It is the only solution that enables an automated and complete response to incidents, implementing tactics for solving the problem, analysis and reporting, as well as extensive security enhancement measures. The IBM Resilient follows the OODA methodology (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), invented to assist US fighter pilots in wining battles, and thusly accelerating responses to complex attacks, and improving notification processes when data is violated.

Is your company’s IT infrastructure prepared for the challenges of the GDPR? Eurotux can help you address this question and to prepare the implementation of the new Regulation.

Get in touch with our sales team to avoid risking hefty fines that penalize companies for non-compliance.