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Eurotux launches blog on DevOps with technical content

Eurotux’s new blog, dedicated to the DevOps methodology illustrates the methodology’s importance in the company’s strategy, addressing its ongoing policy of internationalization.
Published on 2019-02-21

Eurotux has just launched a blog on the DevOps methodology, a new approach to software development processes that enables companies to increase the quality of the final product and services, guaranteeing greater productivity and greater efficiency, with an important focus on public cloud infrastructures, such as AWS. This is an area in which Eurotux has gained expertise, given it’s critical importance to the company’s strategy.

The DevOps methodology refers to a set of processes that combine the fields of Development and Operations, in order to improve the creation and improvement of products and solutions at a quicker pace than traditional procedures. This approach reduces development cycles, delivering applications more quickly and efficiently, which constitutes a relevant advantage over competitors. On the other hand, the principles of DevOps minimize failures in deployment, since they streamline the detection of code defects, through modular and collaborative based programming. In the event of failures, the recovery times are also reduced, as a result of the work and partnership of the Development and Operations teams and a more effective communication.

In the recently launched blog, Eurotux publishes technical contents on the DevOps ecosystem, strengthening the focus on expanding this methodology and following its strategy of internationalization. The company has sustained an active role in organization the DevOps Braga events, namely providing its facilities for knowledge sharing meetings. The theme of the most recently held event was “Introduction to the Ansible Tower” with the presentation of the basic concepts of this open source solution, as well as its main advantages and use-cases. Ansible allows you to scale automation in Information Technology, and manage the configuration and implementation of applications, on both Unix and Windows systems, accelerating productivity.

Eurotux’s dedication in the area of DevOps illustrates the company’s commitment to the best practices in the market, namely with the continuous development that enables a significantly superior performance than previously obtained with a more traditional approach. More and more companies are adopting this methodology to benefit from the quicker delivery of applications, more stable operational environments, of work teams concentrated on their performance and continuous innovation.

Eurotux provides support and consulting services for implementing DevOps, in order to assure shorter development cycles, guaranteeing greater operational efficiency, with reduced costs and risks.

Get in touch with our sales team to assess how DevOps methodology can help your company reach its business goals in a more agile and effective manner.

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